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HEART Christian newspaper | 22 October 2020

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Syria Archives - HEART Christian newspaper

Rebuilding the Ruins: Following God’s Call to Serve Syria

21 November 2019 |

By Samara Levy

Hodder & Stoughton, 2019

In winter 2013, mother of two Samara Levy was moved by reports of barefoot Syrian refugee children in snow covered camps.

She began collecting winter clothes for them, and soon found herself in … Read More

Syrians seek truth

28 September 2019 |

Bible sales have risen in Syria despite half its Christians having fled in the wake of the civil war, according to the country’s Bible Society chief, who says:“The war has led people to Christ.”

Many houses in Aleppo were destroyed … Read More

Syria—The untold story

10 June 2018 |

Read how the civil war really started – according to Christians on the ground

Read More

“Deep anger and real fear” at the Allies’ attacks

9 June 2018 |

The HART report by Baroness Caroline Cox and Rev David Thomas on their visit to Syria this April does not claim to address all the complexities of the Syrian civil war, but gives voice to civilians who have very similar concerns.

Read More

Syrians treated in Israeli hospital

30 March 2017 |

The BBC broadcast a report by Tim Samuels of how he spent a night at an Israeli hospital staffed by Jewish, Muslim and Druze medics that is treating wounded Syrians, both soldiers and civilians, who cannot get the treatment they … Read More


4 February 2017 |

Christian Voice is petitioning Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to drop the UK’s opposition to President Assad

Campaign group Christian Voice is calling on the government to change sides in the Syria war. They are asking Christians to sign a petition to the Foreign Secretary to stop supporting the Syrian opposition and start working with President Assad to rebuild Syria. Read More


4 February 2017 |

A Christian family from the Middle East is reunited in Australia
(Photo: Barnabas Fund)

A leading aid charity has accused the British Government of failing Middle East Christians who face genocide by Islamic State (ISIS) after the Government finally released figures showing that Christians are badly under represented in the Government’s refugee intake.

Out of over 4,000 Syrian refugees welcomed in 12 months, only 64 were Christian. This is just 1.5%, whereas 10% of the Syrian population called themselves Christian before the civil war started. Read More


25 November 2016 |

Destruction: a crater typifying the obliteration of whole sections of Aleppo by bombing (Photo credit: IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation)

The terrible bombing of Aleppo in Syria has had an unexpected side effect – changing Muslim misconceptions of Christians.

Many Muslims in the city have fled to Christian areas to seek refuge, according to Christian persecution charity World Watch Monitor. As they mix with Christians for the first time, perceptions are changing. Read More


29 September 2016 |

Girl kidnapped by ISIS appears on Facebook

Two years after her abduction by ISIS, little Christine, whose kidnap we reported in HEART, is still missing – but hopes rose for her mother when her daughter’s photo appeared on Facebook.

At least … Read More

Genocide against Christians in Iraq and Syria

3 February 2016 |

Now is the time to make your voice heard

Christians in Iraq and Syria are experiencing genocide. Last issue we included a petition for Barnabas Fund’s Operation Safe Haven to send to the Prime Minister.

But until Christians in the Middle East are safe, we need to keep urging our government to work directly with the Christian community. Our Government has refused to take refugees from anywhere but the UN-run camps, which are predominantly Muslim, so Christians have been avoiding the camps and fleeing to safer areas, preferring to camp on church premises.

Now Wilfred Wong, a barrister with 26 years’ experience of campaigning for persecuted Christians worldwide, most of whom live in the Muslim world, has written a letter for readers to use as a model to send to the Prime Minister. Read More

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