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HEART Christian newspaper | 25 October 2020

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Not wanting children is the root of our moral chaos

28 September 2019 |

Abortion rates are rising and the Church seems powerless to resist the onslaught of LGBT infatuation shown by supermarkets, banks and local councils. Indeed, most churches will not discuss abortion and divorce is rife even in the Church, while at … Read More

How God turned my marriage around

4 February 2019 |

Captain Sharon O’Connor was used to ordering men around in the army, but after 27 years of trying to wear the trousers in her marriage, she finally realised something had to change

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“This is not the end of your marriage – just let me have it”

4 February 2019 |

With her marriage on the rocks, Sharon O’Connor felt God tell her that SHE was the problem

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This is not a mistake – I have chosen to take him”

2 February 2018 |

The first time Colleen Hurd’s husband was on the verge of death, God healed him overnight. But the second time, hearing God’s audible voice gave her supernatural peace to enter widowhood. She describes how God’s sovereign timing unfolded

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Pro-life heroine to marry

29 November 2017 |

Happiness for Aisling after her legal ordeal

Last February we reported on the brave and lonely struggle of Aisling Hubert, the young woman landed with huge legal costs after the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) would not allow her to sue two doctors caught offering to abort unwanted baby girls.

Had the costs not been met, she could have faced prison.

HEART readers responded generously to the call to support Aisling and, along with donations from Christian Concern supporters, her costs were met.

But it turns out that Aisling’s battle, which began when she was just 21, was not as lonely
as supposed. Among those praying for her was Jake Goodison, a young man whom she had begun to think of as a best friend; now they are engaged and plan to marry next June. Read More


4 February 2017 |

As Valentine’s Day looms again, a true story with a happy ending

By Sandra Fernando

If you’re one of the thousands of singles and divorcees NOT booking a table for two on February 14, be encouraged by the story of … Read More

Music and marriage tips for refugees

7 June 2016 |

This paper has reported extensively on the devastating impact of Isis on Iraq’s civilians, including the scandal of our government only taking refugees from UN camps which Christians are scared to enter.

But now we have a positive story! Larry Gentis from West Sussex spent a week in Erbil, Kurdistan, teaching music to Christian refugees and venturing to give marriage tips in a very different culture. Read More

Deadlines: the uninvited visitor in our marriage

25 March 2016 |

Larry Gentis and his wife Judy give marriage seminars. Larry says, “It seems to me that most men aren’t even trying to understand their wives.  I see husbands and fathers putting time into making money and working whilst neglecting the wife and family that God gave them”

The destruction of marriages is a slow but relentless process, which is why I sometimes feel that there aren’t many who see it, but I see marriages and families being destroyed right, left and centre around me. And the children suffer and learn it, perpetuating it. Read More

Couple fall in love again after five years of divorce

1 February 2016 |

When a marriage ends in divorce it is much more than selling the house, splitting the CD collection and deciding who gets what: it’s a brutal emotional trauma. Rarely can love be kindled again.

But a Sussex couple have found that God heals hearts – and after five-and-a-half years of divorce, Benzer and Sandra Fernando were remarried. In January, they celebrated six years of being together again. Read More

“If you love me, show me”

1 February 2016 |

Teacher and musician Larry Gentis found that showing his love with deeds rather than flowers strengthened his marriage

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’d like to share a process with you that was a turning point in our marriage.  While I’m thankful that someone has thought to put aside a special day to honour love relationships, I believe that stable love happens in the everyday trenches of living together. Read More

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