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HEART Christian newspaper | 25 October 2020

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Islam on course to “take over” France

28 March 2020 |

The chairman of a French conservative think tank says that “Islam stands a very good chance to simply conquer… this country.”

Michel Gurfinkiel of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute claims that massive Muslim immigration and poor integration mean that Islam is … Read More

Time to prepare for the catacombs?

21 November 2019 |

Former Queen’s chaplain says severe persecution awaits the UK Church      ‘Against the Tide’ conference with Bishop Gavin Ashenden

hosted by St Francis Church at the Shoreham Centre, West Sussex, 19 October 2019


Future persecution of … Read More

Inquiry: “Put British imams in charge of mosques”

28 July 2017 |

But it’s 20 years too late, says Pakistani Christian leader

A report by charity Citizens UK has concluded that UK mosques should appoint British-born imams who speak fluent English and understand British culture.

The report suggests that such imams are more likely to help worshippers understand how to live as Muslims in British society – and avoid being misled by extremism.

Many imams working in the UK come from other countries and were trained abroad. Read More

Facing up to the truth about Islam

27 July 2017 |

Members of different faiths at the Together Stronger event organised in Ilford by the British Pakistani Christian Association

Once again death and destruction have come to our streets, but still we are not getting to grips with the real issues, says lawyer Philip Quenby

If ever we questioned the need to recover our Christian heritage, the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London should surely dispel any doubt once and for all.

Sadly, however, the Church is not getting to grips with the real issues. Widespread ignorance within the Church allows ill-informed platitudes and a spirit of appeasement free rein, so there is little difference between what the Government or the Church are saying about Islam. Read More


3 June 2017 |

British Muslim wives are still vulnerable to being divorced by their husband simply saying “I divorce you”, three times.

The practice, called the ‘triple talaq’, is controversial in the Muslim world and is banned in 20 Muslim countiries including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. However, it is increasing in Britain, according to a Muslim family lawyer. Read More


1 June 2017 |

Despite two years of war in a nation where apostasy from Islam is a death sentence, people are coming to faith in Jesus in Yemen.

Open Doors reports that baptisms are still regularly taking place. Jamil (not his real name), a former Muslim who now leads a church, says the civil war has actually strengthened the indigenous Church. Before the war, most house churches depended on foreign Christian support, but when non-Yemeni Christians were forced to leave, the Yemenis had to take the lead in their own churches. Read More


1 June 2017 |

THE JAILING OF THE CHRISTIAN GOVERNOR of Jakarta has brought embarrassment to Prince Charles.

The heir to the throne is patron of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, which has just welcomed the Vice President of Indonesia, Muslim extremist Jusuf Kalla, to lecture on ‘Middle Path Islam: The Indonesian Experience’. Read More

Archbishop: Italy will be Muslim in 10 years

4 February 2017 |

A Catholic Archbishop has warned that Italy will become a Muslim country in a decade if they continue to liberalise and keep the country open to Muslim refugees.

Italian Archbishop Carlo Liberati said: “In ten years we will all be Muslims because of our stupidity. Italy and Europe live in a pagan and atheist way; they make laws that go against God, and they have traditions that are proper (sic) of paganism… Read More

Not the Same God

28 September 2016 |

Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, with Baroness Cox at the launch of Wilberforce Publications’ Not the Same God

Two former Muslims have written a book to show that the God of the Bible is unique

Book launch of Not the Same God, by Sam Solomon and Atif Debs, published by Wilberforce Publications, hosted by Christian Concern, 12 July, at the Law Society, London

This book explains why the Allah of the Qur’an is not the same as the God of the Bible.  Both of the authors are converts from Islam to Christianity. Read More

Muslim refugees turn to Christ

7 June 2016 |

A Muslim refugee is baptised as a Christian in Hamburg

Christian refugees face routine oppression by Muslims in German camps – including being forced to participate in Islamic prayers, according to Open Doors. Volker Baumann of Action for Persecuted Christians (AVC) believes that up to 40,000 Christian refugees are persecuted for their faith in Germany. Read More

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