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HEART Christian newspaper | 22 September 2020

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Whose Land?

29 November 2017 |

A film by Hugh Kitson 

WHO'S LAND Film bnner

Film maker Hugh Kitson’s newest release has coincided with the Centenary of the Balfour Declaration. Having had its world premiere in August, screenings in Australia were closely followed by events in New Zealand and then around the world. 

In ‘Whose Land?’ Hugh boldly tackles the political elephant in the room, the issue over Israel’s legitimacy, and the rights of the Jewish people over the land. Vastly different to other films produced by Israelis or other Jewish sources, this production deals fairly with documents and evidence, often showing the actual text on camera for the viewer to draw their own conclusions. Read More


2 February 2017 |

Last updated on February 4th, 2017 at 06:08 pm

Three widely publicised faith-themed films hit the cinemas in the next few months – but you may not wish to take your family

A trio of faith-themed movies hits the cinemas … Read More


8 June 2016 |

The EU features in biblical prophecy, as shown in last issue’s review of ‘The Rape of Europe’ DVD which was ordered by 400 readers, and in a newer series of short films by Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice. These are freely available on YouTube:

The European Union’s Pagan Foundation:

Read More


8 October 2015 |

DVD from executive producer/writer Ray Comfort

A new DVD bravely tackles the question of whether people are born gay, using one of the Bible’s most controversial verses

Are people born gay, or is it a choice? A question many have asked. Read More

Stealing God’s best treasures

8 October 2015 |

Gardener's world

Israel’s enemies set to plunder their land

As flowers are thrown at the invading Nazi soldiers in pre-war Vienna, no-one lifts a finger to help the real victims of the day – the Jewish people desperately trying to escape the brutality being meted out to them. Read More

Why Germany prospered after the terrible crimes of the holocaust

28 August 2015 |

A new film gives the answers you never expected

Jacob’s Tears, a DVD by Hatikvah Films

Jacob’s Tears is the second of what will be a three part series by Hatikvah Films which explores the view that nations who bless God’s people will be blessed, and that nations which harm them will fare badly (based on Genesis 12: 1-2). Friends who have seen it agree that it is their best film yet. Read More

Chariots of Fire hero returns in new film

10 August 2015 |

Eric Liddell: a champion in life and death

FILM BUFFS will never forget the breathtaking opening sequence of the 1981 multi Oscar-winning film ‘Chariots of Fire’ which focused on a group of young men running across the West Sands in St Andrews, Scotland, with the waves lashing at their feet. Read More

Christian support helps air toxic fumes film

1 April 2015 |

Last updated on April 22nd, 2015 at 04:49 pm

Flight safety issue “has been withheld from public for over 50 years”

TOXIC FUMES causing safety risks to air passengers have been the subject of a new film recently premiered in Horsham, West Sussex. Read More

A timely explanation of how the Qu’ran justifies extreme Islamism today

1 December 2014 |

Sister Religions?
A DVD by Hatikvah Films

“Get understanding, forget it not” is the scripture which came to mind after viewing this revealing new film.

Sister Religions? is a series of interviews exploring the relationship between Judeo-Christianity and Islam.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, formerly Bishop of Rochester, gives an introductory interview, followed by three interviews with Rev Dr Mark Durie, an Anglican pastor and acknowledged researcher and author on Islam and other faiths, and finally there is an interview with international religious liberty analyst and advocate Elizabeth Kendal. Read More

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