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HEART Christian newspaper | 20 October 2020

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Churchgoers are getting off the pews and onto the streets

23 May 2019 |

Chaplains bring light to the high street
The cheery faces of Littlehampton’s town chaplains have recently become a familiar sight on Littlehampton’s high street. Read More


1 June 2017 |

Praying and baking are two activities that went hand in hand this May when schools charity Spinnaker delivered cakes to tired teachers. Read More


1 June 2017 |

Owning Truth is a powerful new mobile app and website which enables anyone to hear the Word of God, personalised to them and their own situation.

Its inventor, Horsham-based web designer David Greaves told HEART: “By hearing the voice of the Lord speaking directly to you by name, you can hear the truth and be set free.”

Users follow a few simple steps: Read More


30 March 2017 |

Clients are helped to come off the streets

Brighton & Hove based charity Off The Fence are this year celebrating 20 years of serving the city.

Started in 1997 by Paul and Wendy Young along with a few volunteers from around the area, Off The Fence was founded with a vision to end social and spiritual poverty in the lives of vulnerable people. Read More


30 March 2017 |


Rev Lynda Hulcoop with Martha, a student sponsored by Southwick Christian Community Church

Pastor Lynda Hulcoop lost £7,500 destined for the poor in Zimbabwe days before she boarded a flight there.

Two young women followed her from a bureau de change to Sainsbury’s in West Hove in January. The picture shows them about to take the dollars from her bag.

Thieves swoop on Rev Hulcoop as she walks through Sainsbury’s

Thieves swoop on Rev Hulcoop as she walks through Sainsbury’s

Read More

Prayer for the restoration of Britain

1 March 2017 |

By Alan Crook

On the 20th of February 2016 David Cameron announced that we will hold a referendum. By the 28th of February there were prayer groups all over the country praying that we would leave the EU. We were one of these groups. Read More

Boiler Room Bognor

1 March 2017 |

Ben and Louise are a local Christian couple who after a week of 24/7 prayer in their town, felt led to dedicate a room in their house to prayer.  Just like the title of a well-known book, although both are busy teachers and parents, they feel they are too busy not to pray.

Ben says: ‘Since we were blessed with an open-plan extension at the back, we have never really used this room properly.  Now it is a dedicated Boiler Room.  Every time I walk into it I feel peaceful and reminded of God’s presence.  With our two young boys, it is also a challenge and an opportunity to encourage family prayer and help them to see that God is real and makes a difference.’

Read More

Helping Kenya’s destitute

1 March 2017 |

Michael Johnson could never have imagined how his life of deprivation, crime, and prison time, could possibly serve as God’s training ground for his future ministry.

Having planted Big Love Christian Fellowship in England eight years ago, with its special focus on the needy in society, a prophecy Michael received there last year that ‘he would go around the world’ began to come to pass with speaking invitations arriving from several continents. So when Pastor Ezekiel Sang of the Reformed Church of Kenya invited Michael to come and preach in their churches in Eldoret, and the airfare also materialised, Michael accepted. Read More


26 November 2016 |

If anyone doubted that Christmas had happened, they only need to look at how God’s power is still manifested today.

In this paper, we report on extraordinary healings which have happened this year in our region. We have provided X-ray evidence of shrunken cancer tumours which were called incurable.

Hundreds of people attending meetings saw those who were unable to walk unaided breaking into a run. Thanks to today’s communication it can be seen on the internet, too.

But it’s not all rosy. Christians are being persecuted as well as being healed and set free from disease and torment. Read More


26 November 2016 |

By Iris Watson

Healed from lung cancer: Jenny Holder from Margate, Kent

Healed from lung cancer: Jenny Holder from Margate, Kent

A retired legal secretary from Margate has told of her miraculous recovery from lung cancer.

Jenny Holder, 66, was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2013 and had a mastectomy. She thought it was all dealt with. But her battle with cancer was not over.

Jenny recalls: “My life gradually returned to normal after the mastectomy, but two years later I developed an irritating cough. I was unconcerned because I thought it was either pleurisy or pneumonia.”

Jenny remained unworried until she saw an advert about how a persistent cough should always be checked out with a GP. This prompted her to seek medical advice.

Knowing her history, Jenny’s doctor arranged for her to have a scan which, unfortunately, confirmed secondary cancer in the lining of her lungs. She was told it was treatable but it was not curable. Read More

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