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HEART Christian newspaper | 25 October 2020

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2020 abortions heading for record high

2 October 2020 |

Home abortions make breaking legal limit easier

Since the introduction of ‘DIY’ abortions in March, abortion rates in England and Wales have soared.

Abortion provider BPAS claimed the record baby death rate a “success”

Abortion provider BPAS claimed the record … Read More

Chinese doctors ordered to kill newborn babies

1 October 2020 |

The Chinese government is forcing doctors to kill the babies of religious minorities and carry out late-term abortions.

Reminiscent of Egypt’s slaughter of Hebrew babies in Moses’ time, China is brutally controlling the Uighur population in the Xinjiang region.

According … Read More

Just look at us now!

1 August 2020 |

It seems unthinkable, but these two joyful and successful young women could have been aborted on grounds of disability Heidi, a hairdresser and pro-life campaigner, is one of the first post-lockdown brides

Pro-life campaigner Heidi Carter (neé Crowter), who has … Read More

Extreme abortion moves defeated

1 August 2020 |

by Andrew Halloway

Pro-life campaigners were relieved when two extreme abortion measures failed to be added to the government’s Domestic Abuse Bill.

Two new clauses were to be introduced under cover of protecting domestic abuse victims. New Clause 29 would … Read More

UN abortion plan defeated

30 July 2020 |

International News by Andrew Halloway

The United Nations Commission on Population and Development (CPD) wanted some of the funds meant for the Covid-19 aid effort to be spent on abortion, but pro-life groups alerted member countries who rejected the move.

Read More

Tiny lives matter, too

30 July 2020 |

Some time ago, I was approached in Worthing by vegans wearing animal masks and displaying graphic pictures of slaughtered animals.

I decided to ask them, “What is more important, the life of a calf, or an aborted foetus?”

Silence ensued. … Read More

National News

6 June 2020 |

by Andrew Halloway

Civil servants are ‘puppets’ of abortion industry Pro-abortion lobby has “privileged access” to heart of government

A recent legal challenge over ‘DIY’ abortions carried out by women at home has revealed that the Department of Health works … Read More

Abortion biggest killer on Earth

1 February 2020 |

Over 42 million abortions were carried out across the globe last year, according to Right to Life. Christian Concern calculated that the statistic makes abortion the greatest single cause of death in 2019, accounting for 42 per cent of the … Read More

Feminists burn pro-lifer’s car

1 February 2020 |

A journalist supporting the March for Life in Germany was targeted by a feminist group who set fire to his car and publicised his home address – where his children also live.

Extremist pro-abortion group Feministische Autonome Zelle celebrated the … Read More

Backlash against abortion and gay marriage in N Ireland

23 November 2019 |

Christians in Northern Ireland are strongly resisting the imposition of abortion and same-sex marriage on their province by the UK Parliament.

The main denominations are refusing to conduct same-sex weddings. The Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI), the Church of Ireland … Read More

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