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HEART Christian newspaper | 27 September 2020

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Devotional Archives - HEART Christian newspaper

A call to unity

23 May 2019 |

Last updated on May 28th, 2019 at 06:05 pm

by David Hathaway In association with Eurovision Ministries

Whether we are in the EU or not, the same problem exists, that we are no longer a Christian nation. The only answer … Read More

A Christmas Present

2 December 2015 |

By Kenneth Adams from Eastbourne, who says, “Use this poem for a time of quiet reflection, to ‘be still and know that he is God’, that he is our Father and that he loves us.”


On a dark silent night, where the stars shone so bright
and a chorus of angels did sing, of a peace, love and joy
of a new baby boy, every bell in the heavens did ring. Read More

Holding him

1 April 2015 |

A reflection at the empty tomb

“Do not hold onto me, for I have not yet returned to the Father”.

I have read Jesus saying this to his friend Mary by the empty tomb many times and it’s easy to keep reading John’s Gospel without considering it. I can often find myself wishing, “If only Jesus was here now”. Read More

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