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HEART Christian newspaper | 22 September 2020

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2 June 2017 |

Last updated on June 5th, 2017 at 02:50 pm

Town-wide prayer hosted by New Life Church, Durrington, near Worthing, 18 May

Could God send revival to our town? Around 120 Christians from at least six Worthing churches believe that he can and met on a Thursday evening to pray. These meetings have taken place quarterly over the last couple of years at the Assembly Hall in the town but will now be every six weeks at a local church. Read More

After incurable cancer is defeated, now hepatitis has disappeared

26 November 2016 |

This lady tore four tendons off her right shoulder blade and 4cm of muscle under her arm 16 months earlier when picking up her grandchild. Keyhole surgery to reattach the tendons had been unsuccessful and she was 200th on a waiting list for further surgery although doctors had told her it was one of the hardest operations and success could not be guaranteed.

After John Mellor prayed for her in Jesus’s name, she was able to raise her arm and lift someone else’s baby.

Our photos show her before and after prayer: before she had been unable to lift her arm and could not even shake John’s hand because of the pain. After prayer she could raise her arms and her overjoyed face shows she had experienced a miracle

A young man has been told that hepatitis C can no longer be found in his body.

The hospital staff were amazed that their tests showed that this very dangerous disease had mysteriously disappeared from his system.

More amazing is that while this type of hepatitis can appear to diminish through drugs, the young man had not been taking anything to treat it. Read More


24 March 2016 |

Former director of Worthing Philharmonic Choir for 40 years and a church organist for over 55 years, Donovan Brown is not taking it easy in his retirement, nor letting his musical abilities go to waste. Read More


5 October 2015 |

Last updated on October 7th, 2015 at 12:06 pm

John Mellor visits Britain

WONDERFUL HEALING TESTIMONIES have been told following visits to churches across Britain by an international healing evangelist with a powerful ministry received from the Lord. Read More

Dancing from darkness to dignity

3 April 2015 |

Ladies’ lunch with Tina Johnson
at Coastlands Church, Sydney Walter Centre, Worthing

Saturday 28 February saw a full house at Coastlands Church as ladies from Sussex gathered to eat a delicious meal, watch an interpretive dance by Louise Jones and listen to Tina Johnson relate her journey of transformation. Read More

Protecting Gospel freedom

3 April 2015 |

The Christian Institute held an open meeting at St George’s Church, Worthing, in February, when Vicar Brian Penfold introduced James McIntosh and Gavin Webster from the Institute. Read More

Refired, not retired

3 February 2015 |

Last updated on February 6th, 2015 at 04:27 pm

Veteran minister Rodney Kingstone used to be a household name in Sussex evangelical circles after he started a local church during the heady charismatic renewal in 1981. He’s still going strong and CHRIS EYTE caught up with him

Encouraging other people to develop an intimate relationship with God has been Rodney Kingstone’s ‘calling’ during the past four decades

Encouraging other people to develop an intimate relationship with God has been Rodney Kingstone’s ‘calling’ during the past four decades

AT 74, RODNEY KINGSTONE PUTS HIS LONGEVITY AND ENERGY down to knowing Jesus as a reality. That ‘intimate’ relationship has seen him through four decades of ministering to others as well as a miraculous healing of his own heart just before surgery. Read More

Heaven touched earth as town’s Christians met to pray

1 December 2014 |

‘Heaven touching earth’, town-wide prayer gathering

Worthing Assembly Hall
hosted by New Life Church
23 October


This was a superbly organised event which saw the huge venue almost filled, although it was pointed out that the whole town of 100,000 should be praying! Read More

‘Greater love’ exhibition put on by Worthing couple – World War I provides the most poignant ‘If you weren’t there’ reminiscences

3 October 2014 |

There are some incredible testimonies of the heroic deeds of men and women of Christian faith during the First World War. Chris and Linda McCanna of Worthing were so inspired by these tales that they organised a ‘Greater Love’ exhibition which drew 100 visitors at the town’s St Paul’s Centre

LINDA MCCANNA told HEART the story behind their event Read More

What a pain that was! Healings in church

2 October 2014 |

Fresh from two dates at Bath City Church and en route to Europe, John Mellor arrived in Coastlands Church, Worthing reporting of God’s latest healing miracles.  Bath had seen a vicar’s wife brought to the meeting who was so severely ill with ME that she had to be held up in her chair.  After prayer she had started running around the church. Read More

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