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HEART Christian newspaper | 25 October 2020

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Prayer points:

26 July 2019 |

On a recent visit to the UK, Jerusalem-based prayer leader Chuck Cohen urged British Christians to pray as follows:

1) That anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism may not be allowed to rise into the leadership of this nation.

2) For Iranian Jews … Read More

Swedish council bans prayers

26 July 2019 |

A local council in Sweden has prohibited prayer in local council-run schools, care homes and offices.

Premier reports that the municipality in Bromölla on the north-east coast of Skåne argued that religious freedom includes the “right to avoid public religious … Read More

Coastline prayer chain

26 July 2019 |

With all that is going on in our country, I believe the Lord has spoken to me about forming a ‘prayer chain’ around the UK coastline.

I prayed for a date and woke one morning with 21 September on my … Read More

“Life from the dead” for a pastor and for our nation?

28 May 2019 |

A well known pastor and prayer leader recently died in hospital, but revived following intense prayer from his daughter and church.

Prayer leader Pastor Brenda Taylor reported, “He was in hospital for emergency surgery, and at one point actually ‘died’ … Read More

Prayer won’t Costa lot

29 November 2018 |

A branch of Costa Coffee is adding an optional weekly shot of prayer to the curative effect of coffee.

Read More

“It was worth the suffering”

24 November 2018 |

How Pastor Brunson kept his faith in Turkish jail

American missionary Andrew Brunson says prayer was vital to his survival during two years in a Turkish prison.

“I just kept talking to God,” he said.

Brunson added that worship also … Read More

The secret and supernatural life of a salesman (part 2)

26 July 2018 |

After thrill seeker Gary Guillon met a man who challenged him about heaven, he discovered the peace he’d been yearning for and saw extraordinary miracles happen Frank speaking: the man who bought Gary’s sofa ended up ‘selling’ Gary eternal lifeRead More

Powerful prayer and encouraging news from the Christian Embassy

26 July 2018 |

‘Dare to Dream’, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem conference, Millbrook Christian Centre, Southampton, 15 and 16 June 2018

“If anything is going to happen on earth, it has to be spoken…”

Read More

And then there were five

30 May 2018 |

Women are being encouraged to pray for revival in groups of five.

Read More

Archbishop launches Thy Kingdom Come

30 May 2018 |

For the third year running, Christians across the country and the world set aside time from Ascension Day to Pentecost to pray specifically for people they know to come to know Jesus Christ.

Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostal churches … Read More

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