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HEART Christian newspaper | 25 October 2020

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EU referendum Archives - HEART Christian newspaper

Brexit and beyond

21 November 2019 |

There is more at stake than leaving the EU, says London Assembly member David Kurten.  What kind of country do we want to be, and what do we want to do with our freedom? A huge deception afoot

Leaving the … Read More

Sin of omission?

21 November 2019 |

The 72.2 per cent voter turnout for the EU referendum cannot represent ‘the will of the people’, since 5.4 million eligible adults were excluded from voting due to hasty preparation and deliberate omission.

Now 3 million newly eligible young people … Read More

Prayer for the restoration of Britain

1 March 2017 |

By Alan Crook

On the 20th of February 2016 David Cameron announced that we will hold a referendum. By the 28th of February there were prayer groups all over the country praying that we would leave the EU. We were one of these groups. Read More


29 September 2016 |

Clifford Hill

What has happened to all the predictions of doom and gloom that we heard before the referendum?

Before the Brexit vote, we were told that if Britain voted to leave the European Union the pound would go into freefall, the stock market would go wild, house prices would collapse and the economy would never recover.

But what has happened to David Cameron and George Osborne and the others who tried to keep us locked into an unholy marriage with the godless European Union? Read More

“Brexit … 48:51”

28 July 2016 |

Thrilled to hear history in advance: Pastor Clive Owen and his wife Elaine

The pastor who heard this amazing prediction of God’s will for Britain’s membership of the EU AND the exact percentage of the result ten days BEFORE the EU vote told nobody and sealed the words in an envelope to be opened once the result was announced

The Bible says that God knows the end from the beginning, and one pastor’s recent experience shows that God apparently knew not only the EU referendum result ten days before it took place, but the percentage points of the votes that would be cast! Read More


28 July 2016 |

Gardener's world

“May Day” was how one of Britain’s top-selling tabloids greeted the announcement of Theresa May as its new Prime Minister.

It was quite appropriate, really, as the country reels from the shock of the referendum vote to leave the European Union. But there is indeed a call for much alarm and ‘dis-may’. Read More


27 July 2016 |

Clifford Hill

Every day seems to bring some fresh gut-wrenching atrocity or bad news story that fills us with foreboding for the future

The rate of change has never been greater. Yesterday’s news is rapidly overtaken by today’s. From every part of the world there come reports of violence and unrest. Reading a newspaper or watching the television news today should have a health warning for those of a nervous disposition. Read More

“The battle is fierce”

27 July 2016 |

Prayer day for the nation and the EU referendum, hosted by Intercessors for Britain, London, Saturday 18 July 2016

Four hundred plus people were gathered in Regents Hall, while Dave Borlase, director designate of Intercessors for Britain (IFB) preached on three calls to prayer in Joel 2.  The first call is to the spiritual leaders who should have been mourning over the state of the land.  God is looking not for the nation, but for the Church to pray. The second call is to humble ourselves and confess the sins of the nation in the hope that he may have mercy on us. The third call is “Return to me, rend your heart and not your garments”.  The Church has failed to take a lead, has adopted worldly agendas and has not spoken out.

Read More

Christians voted for Brexit

27 July 2016 |

The statue of Europa astride a bull in front of the EU Parliament in Strasbourg. Some Christians associate this EU symbol with the “woman sitting on a scarlet beast” in Revelation 17

By Andrew Halloway

A poll by Lord Ashcroft shows that the percentage of Christians who voted to leave the European Union was higher than in the country as a whole.

Nearly 60 per cent of respondents who identified themselves as Christians voted for Brexit, compared with the 52 per cent national result.

Many of the ‘Christians’ in the poll may have been nominal rather than committed, and the result might have as much to do with their ethnicity and age as their faith, but suspicion of the EU was promoted among Christians at the grassroots level. Read More

Is the EU in Bible prophecy?

27 July 2016 |

This review of David Hathaway’s film in our April-May issue was an eye-opener to many, prompting over 400 people to order the DVD. By popular request, we are reprinting it here.

In some Christian circles, it has been claimed for many years that the EU is the last of the empires seen by the prophet Daniel in his powerful vision. Evangelist David Hathaway is of this view and has summed it up in a documentary film. Although made over a decade ago, Linda McCanna believes that his film, The Rape of Europe, is immensely relevant in the light of the imminent in/out referendum on 23 June

Read More

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