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HEART Christian newspaper | 25 October 2020

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In Brief

2 October 2020 |

Terror group blamed for Beirut blast

Terrorist group Hezbollah has been widely blamed for the Beirut blast that devastated the city, killing hundreds and leaving 300,000 people homeless. Former Israeli intelligence officer Lt Col Sarit Zehavi said: “Any way … Read More

$50 billion turned down

26 July 2019 |

The Palestinian Authority is reported to have rejected a $50 billion incentive to make peace with Israel as the economic aspect of President Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ was unveiled.

The offer is in exchange for little more than accepting … Read More

Trump ‘has done more to protect babies than any other President’

26 July 2017 |

While many of President Trump’s controversial decisions and tweets dominate the media, TV news programmes and the national press have so far been fairly silent on Trump’s pro-life successes. However, it is being claimed that Trump’s policies have saved more babies in the womb any other president.

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

US pro-life leader Cheryl Sullenger says: “Even Reagan did nothing substantial to move the ball down the field. Trump’s been great. The only reason he hasn’t done better is that he’s met with resistance in Congress… There’s been no other president who has done more to protect babies from the death industry.” Read More

Welby optimistic on Israel visit

1 June 2017 |

Justin Welby described his 12-day-trip to Israel as a “pastoral pilgrimage”

The Archbishop of Canterbury told Israeli and Palestinian leaders in May that he believes there’s a window of opportunity for peace. Justin Welby said: “It does seem, listening to many, that… Perhaps there is a moment of opportunity coming that may not repeat itself for a while.” Read More


1 June 2017 |

Trump takes first step on the road to rewinding the loss of religious freedoms in the US

Proclaiming that he is “giving churches their voices back”, on the National Day of Prayer President Trump signed an executive order protecting religious liberty.

Fulfilling another of his campaign pledges, Mr Trump continued: “Faith is deeply embedded into the history of our country, the spirit of our founding, and the soul of our nation… We remember this eternal truth; freedom is not a gift from government, freedom is a gift from God.” Read More


30 March 2017 |

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

It has been reported that the new Trump administration has many Christians working for it. The most famous is Vice President Mike Pence. Perhaps the next best known, and all the more remarkable in view of the negative publicity around the new President’s attitude to women, is Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Conway. Not only did she organise Donald Trump’s race to the White House, but she was the first female campaign manager to win a US presidential election. Read More


26 November 2016 |

In defiance of the Twitterati, God sometimes does things that seem outrageous to us – even using a self-confessed sinner such as Trump

What remarkable days we live in! Two world-shaking events have taken place in the last six … Read More

Gardner’s World Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

26 November 2016 |

Battle ensues over Balfour Shocking anti-Semitism as Britain prepares to celebrate

By Charles Gardner

As British Christians prepare to celebrate a famous milestone in Jewish history, battle lines are being drawn up and some shots have already been fired in … Read More

PERSECUTION WATCH Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

26 November 2016 |

Campaigners to sue US government for failing to stop jihadist genocide

Appeal to Trump to stop genocide

Frustration over the Obama administration’s inaction over the mass murder of Christians has led the American Centre for Law and Justice (ACLJ) to sue the US government.

After a long campaign to win the term ‘genocide’ for the relentless slaughter of Christians, as reported in this paper, the ACLJ claims that the Obama Administration refuses to take action. Read More

Archbishop avoids congratulating Trump

25 November 2016 |

Archbishop Welby will be praying for the US in the wake of the Donald Trump election victory

Archbishop Welby will be praying for the US in the wake of the Donald Trump election victory

Archbishop Welby will be praying for the US in the wake of the Donald Trump election victory

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that he will pray for Donald Trump, but his congratulations on becoming US President-Elect were conspicuous by their absence.

Justin Welby previously said it would be “very challenging” if Trump won, and had told MPs that Trump’s statement about halting Muslim immigration was “certainly not a Christian thing to do, nor is it a rational thing to do.” Read More

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