In defiance of the Twitterati, God sometimes does things that seem outrageous to us – even using a self-confessed sinner such as Trump

What remarkable days we live in! Two world-shaking events have taken place in the last six months – Brexit in the UK and Trump in the USA. What is the connection between these two remarkable events that shook the world? Both were unexpected by the media and in both cases the polls
got it wrong!

But God is never taken by surprise – he planned this long ago! God loves to confound the wisdom of the wise and do things his way.

We will never understand what is going on in the world today unless we first understand the sovereignty of God. The prophets of Israel understood this and it was the focal point of all their pronouncements. They knew that nothing in the world happens unless God either directly wills it or allows it to happen.

This is why Isaiah could say with confidence that God was going to use Cyrus, the pagan Persian, as his ‘anointed one’ to overthrow Babylon and release the people of Israel to go back to the land of their forefathers (Isaiah 45:1).

God sometimes does things that seem outrageous to us – even using a self-confessed sinner such as Trump.

Trump’s appeal

Despite all his vulgarities and obnoxious statements, Trump had a ‘messianic’ appeal to the crowds in America who feel disenfranchised and forgotten by those who control the system. The vote for Trump was a vote against the ‘establishment’; it was a vote for change, primarily among blue-collar workers and so-called ‘middle America’. They are bitterly disappointed with Obama who promised so much change, but after his eight years in power they feel worse off than before.

Trump’s anti-establishment pronouncements appealed to the disconnected, the alienated and the powerless – to those who felt that they were the forgotten underclass who didn’t matter to the privileged elite. This is just what happened in Britain, where people felt alienated from the lawmakers of Brussels and wanted the freedom to make our own laws. Both Brexit and Trump appealed to the disenfranchised masses.


Trump recognised this and he made numerous references to Brexit during his turbulent campaign saying that his own election would be a “Brexit plus plus plus”. His campaign struck a similar note to the ‘Leave’ campaign in Britain. This is why he became friends with Nigel Farage, and, much to the chagrin of 10 Downing Street, invited him to his celebrations so he became the first British politician to visit the President-elect.

God’s purposes

So what is God doing? How is he working out his purposes? There are many indications that we are at a crucial point in world history when God is bringing judgement upon the unrighteous forces of evil that have been driving the nations for such a long time. Judgement is coming in death and destruction in wars – such as we are seeing in the Middle East – and in social revolution, that we are seeing in the Western nations.

These are especially to be seen in the USA and Europe where secular humanists and Satanists have had a hugely destructive influence that has undermined marriage and family and devastated the lives of millions of young people through the drugs culture, social media and pornography.

Now God is using the anti-establishment spirit that is spreading across Europe and America today to challenge the supremacy of the forces of darkness.

Evangelicals vote Trump

This is why perceptive Christians voted to leave the EU in Britain and why 80% of evangelicals in the USA voted for Trump. They see the opportunity to re-emphasise basic biblical values, moral and spiritual, that have been neglected for many decades under the impact of the secular humanist social revolution that has been sweeping the Western nations since the 1960s. I believe we will see the protest movements spreading across Europe that will eventually bring the dissolution of the European Union.

Christians’ hope for change

In America two Christian organisations, Family Watch and the National Organisation for Marriage, have welcomed the new president and outlined their expectations which include:

  • the appointment of judges to the US Supreme Court, who will reverse rulings on same-sex marriage and enact laws to protect the unborn child, reversing Obama’s policy of easy abortions right up to birth;
  • the change of Obama’s gender identity directive allowing public toilets to be used according to felt gender identity (this had led to reported assaults on women in ladies’ toilets);
  • the reversal of Obama’s policy of coercing other countries into accepting same-sex marriage as a condition of receiving US aid;
  • the appointment of a Presidential Commission to examine the harmful effects on public health of internet pornography.

If changes of this nature take place during a Trump presidency, many Christians in America will feel justified in having voted for him.

But Trump is not yet in the White House. In fact, he is in great danger, and much in need of prayer for his protection. The anti-Trump protests may continue right up to his inauguration on 20 January 2017, a day on which, Christians have noted, Mr Trump will be exactly 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old – in the current biblical year 5777.

But there is a more immediate danger.

Great danger

Under the American constitution Trump does not actually become the President-Elect until the decision of the Electoral College that meets on 19 December 2016. More than 4 million Americans have signed a petition calling for the college to over-rule the election decision and appoint Hillary Clinton as President-Elect because she won the popular vote.

Perceptive Christians can see a great battle raging in the heavenly realm over the USA and Britain. It is reflected in the protest movement in America and the anti-Brexit movement in Britain campaigning to have another referendum to keep Britain shackled to the EU. Perhaps the greatest need today is to mobilise prayer for the USA and for Britain; to plead with the Almighty that his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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