A new film gives the answers you never expected

Jacob’s Tears, a DVD by Hatikvah Films

Jacob’s Tears is the second of what will be a three part series by Hatikvah Films which explores the view that nations who bless God’s people will be blessed, and that nations which harm them will fare badly (based on Genesis 12: 1-2). Friends who have seen it agree that it is their best film yet.


Looking at the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich, this documentary deals with the spiritual heritage in Germany that allowed acceptance of Hitler by the German Church and the spiritual legacy following the defeat of Nazism. Finally it deals with the big question – how is it that Germany has prospered following such terrible crimes?

One of the reasons the film is so interesting is that there are three main interviews with informed German Christians: Dr Jürgen Bühler of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, Harald Eckert, Chairman of the European Coalition for Israel and Sister Joela Krüger of the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary. The film is presented by the late Lance Lambert, an additional bonus for his admirers.


Anti-Christ figure

Sister Joela quotes from Hitler’s speeches to show how they demonstrate the hallmarks of a satanic leader. The broken Nazi cross was to replace the cross of Christ; free choice of conscience was to be taken from the German people.

Hitler replaced the ten commandments with 12, one of which was ‘Honour the Führer’. Presenter Lance Lambert says that Hitler sought to replace Christ with himself and was the most significant anti-Christ figure the world has yet seen.

He wanted to capture Jerusalem, and to rid the whole Middle East of Jews, which he planned with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.   Kelvin Crombie gives some compelling background to this.


Price paid

The documentary then moves to the consequences of the Nazi regime in Germany and explores the price paid by the descendants of Nazi perpetrators. There is a powerful testimony from Austrian Werner Oder, who has written a book about his nightmare-plagued childhood but has come through miraculously and now pastors a church near Bournemouth!

Harald Eckert and Sister Joela both say that Germany’s survival and prosperity are an example of inexpressible grace and deferring of judgement of a nation which does not deserve to survive following the atrocities of the war.

Harald Eckert believes that there may be a unique calling on Germany, on the nation which has sinned so much against the Jewish people, to befriend and stand by them as anti-semitism rises and Israel is increasingly isolated in the future.


Carole Woodiwis


Jacob’s Tears is available from Hatikvahfilms.co.uk price £15

(not suitable for children)

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