Abortion rates are rising and the Church seems powerless to resist the onslaught of LGBT infatuation shown by supermarkets, banks and local councils. Indeed, most churches will not discuss abortion and divorce is rife even in the Church, while at least one denomination is considering conducting same sex marriages.

How did we get to this place?

To answer this, I believe the Church must recognise its capitulation to the world’s system in the 1960s with its acceptance of contraception.

Childbearing was separated from sexual activity

The sexual revolution was largely ushered in by Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist and founder of Planned Parenthood who commissioned research into the first contraceptive pill in the late 1950s. From 1961, the Pill’s availability meant that childbearing was now separated from sexual activity.

Suddenly people could have affairs without fear of getting pregnant, and the divorce rate began to climb, although abortion became the backup plan when the Pill failed. (Incidentally, the Pill itself causes very early abortions by making the womb hostile to a newly conceived baby, preventing the implantation of the fertilised egg.)

“Free love” and the hippie movement saw the sacred act of procreation become a leisure activity, leading to experimentation, ‘alternative’ lifestyles and the emergence of the gay rights movement.

Thus the root of our moral chaos is something very grievous to God: the rejection of his gift of children. The Bible always describes children as a gift, as fruit and as blessings; he longs to fill the earth with godly young men and women. Indeed, Jesus rebuked his disciples for sending children away.

Furthermore, although the human body has many inbuilt checks and balances such as appetite and thirst, the only limit on conception is a woman’s natural fertility cycle. As the author of life, God alone decides when a child will be conceived. Yet today many have opted to decide for themselves how many children, if any, they should have.

Christians need to repent on behalf of the nation and the Church for embracing contraception. In rejecting children, we have weakened marriage, encouraged abortion and opened the door to the LGBT revolution that is upon us.

Alice Gurr

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