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HEART Christian newspaper | 20 October 2020

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10 August 2015 |

Clifford Hill

As the prophet Isaiah said, the morning is coming – but first there must be night…This is an impassioned plea for the Church to arise and pray…

HAVE YOU EVER had a sleepless night when you keep looking at the clock and wondering how much longer it will be before you see daylight?

 If you have ever sat with a sick person through the night and longed for the morning you will understand a message given by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 21.11–12). He lived in a day before clocks and watches so he describes a man calling out to the watchman patrolling the streets. Read More

The power of prayer: reflecting on the General Election

29 May 2015 |

Clifford Hill

Why did relative calm replace anticipated chaos? Prayer meetings were held in churches, halls, and home groups right across the land as Christians responded to the sense of urgency

Christians of all traditions united to pray for the nation in the run-up to the General Election. There was great fear that the country was going to be plunged into chaos. The polls all predicted no clear winner; so it looked as though there was going to be some kind of coalition, or government by a minority-administration securing its legislation on a vote by vote basis: doing deals with minority groups in the Commons and living with daily uncertainty. Read More

Prophecy Today – back to the future!

29 May 2015 |

AFTER 30 years, Prophecy Today, once Britain’s largest Christian magazine, has been relaunched online.

The inspiration came to Clifford Hill last year and he has assembled an editorial board who were all present at a launch event this April. Read More


27 November 2014 |

Rev Dr Clifford Hill

The UKIP victory in Rochester has sent a tsunami on its way to Westminster…

TSUNAMIS BEGIN FAR OUT in the ocean where a disturbance in the seabed causes a series of waves to begin, known as a ‘wave train’.

The UKIP victories in Clacton and Rochester moved the seabed under the political establishment in Westminster. The wave train is now in motion heading for London and threatening to topple the establishment. Read More

As Scotland has voted to stay British… IS IT JUDGEMENT DAY REPRIEVE?

3 October 2014 |

Rev Dr Clifford Hill

THE SCOTTISH REFERENDUM HAS BEEN HAILED as a triumph of common sense. But I believe it was a triumph of prayer!

Forty-five per cent of the people of Scotland were pushing the nation towards the edge of an abyss. If they had succeeded in getting a ‘Yes’ vote they would have destroyed the whole United Kingdom. It was a bit like wanting to change the wallpaper in one room but ending up by pulling the whole house down. Read More

So IS Britain a Christian country?

2 June 2014 |

Rev Dr Clifford Hill

Our meetings around the country are indicating that most churchgoers no longer think so

The Prime Minister certainly started a heated debate when he referred in his Easter message to Britain being a Christian country. Of course, the usual suspects immediately responded with fierce opposition from the humanists and their allies. But strange as it may seem, most committed Christians agreed with the secular/humanists and atheists! That has to be a first! Read More

Changing the mindset of militants

2 June 2014 |

Rev Dr Clifford Hill

The plight of more than 270 SCHOOLGIRLS captured by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria has been occupying the world news for a long time. It was some three weeks before the Nigerian Government began to take the issue seriously although this group of violent terrorists have been troubling the northern of provinces of Nigeria for a number of years. Nearly 200 people were killed and hundreds wounded last month in the city of Jos which I have visited many times. Read More

Jerusalem or Babylon?

10 April 2014 |

Rev Dr Clifford Hill

If you do not understand God’s purposes for Israel you will not understand the way God is working out his purposes today both in the nations and in the Church

My study of Babylon and what happened to the Jews in exile in the 5th century BC after the fall of Jerusalem has really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I did not fully understand before. We often think of Babylon as a highly secular city totally immersed in commerce. Well, it was the commercial hub of the world at that time; it was the centre of world trade, commerce and finance, but it was certainly not secular – it was a highly religious city with many different gods. Read More

Who deceived the nation?

9 April 2014 |

Clifford Hill

Did the Paralympic ceremonies bring a storm warning?

In the last issue of this newspaper I wrote about the storms that battered the coasts of Britain earlier this year and the floods that devastated the homes of hundreds of families – many of whom are still suffering from the effects. I linked the storms with the denial of our Christian heritage which was broadcast to the world from the closing ceremony of the London Olympics. I gave a quote from the closing ceremony of the Paralympics.

Read More


7 February 2014 |


Is there a message in all of this? Writing exclusively for this paper, Clifford Hill answers the question that all of us have, churchgoers or secular – why?

“Why has there been no word from senior church leaders? The weather is one of the few things that is totally out of human control,” he writes. There is even dispute within the Government over whether the storms are linked to climate change; while PM David Cameron suspected it, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, a known climate change sceptic, did not concur (Prime Minister’s Questions, 9 January).

Dr Hill, whose prophetic update messages are used in prayer groups across the land, sounds a stark warning: “The great storms battering our coasts are a precursor of the social and economic tsunami that will follow…unless there is a major change in the nation.” Read More

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