Magna Carta(unknown, held by The Granger Collection, New York, Public domain, via Wikimedia Common)

Author and lyricist Robert Tromans, aka Jude Meritus, has noticed increasing interest in his book on Magna Carta – does this mean that ordinary people are waking up to the need for a return to common law?

NEVER HAVE THERE BEEN MORE VOICES, PARTICULARLY IN WHAT USED TO BE CALLED THE FREE WORLD, lamenting the exponentially increasing erosion of our freedoms founded on Magna Carta, the biblical origin of our ancient constitutional rights.

Fearless broadcasters such as Neil Oliver (GB News) and other notables are speaking up loudly for constitutional freedom and are passionately appealing to such issues as the dumbing down of our Common Law, the fundamental significance of the coronation oath and the role of the Church of England.

Robert Tromans
Robert Tromans

Will the coronation have propelled the crisis and will watchmen, the Bible’s Issachar people, use the opportunity to alert the Church and the world to the prophetic signs of our times? Just as the UN, WEF/WHO and their fellow conspirators ramp up their highly successful mind-numbing agenda towards 2030, with the likely imposition of CBDC’s/Net Zero/Social Scoring et al?

At the same time the clamour grows from a growing band of dissenters for the rise of a new leader who will return the chaotic world to some acceptable normality, a normality that we are privileged as watchmen to know is likely to be the revealing of the Antichrist to a desperate world.

What evidence is there, and what should concerned Christians be doing about it? My appeal here is, admittedly, based on my own long-standing personal and passionate love of the Judeo/Christian roots of our British history.

I have certainly been exercised by the dying gasps of Magna Carta for  many years and it was this lament and the certainty that its demise indicates that we are in the biblically prophetic end times that I felt compelled to write ‘Magna Carta RIP?’ Especially since the worldwide deception of the pandemic from 2020 have the signs of the times come into precise focus.

King Charles
Was His Majesty King Charles III fulfilling Bible prophecy and dealing the final death blow to Magna Carta when, as Prince of Wales, he announced the Terra Carta award at Davos in 2020? The Terra Carta is the guiding mandate for the Sustainable Markets Initiative, providing a proposed set of principles, a new Ten Commandments towards 2030 that “puts Nature, People and Planet at the heart of the economy”

This was confirmed for me when, in April 2023, my book, first published eight years ago on the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta was Book of the Day on the four-million-member Online Book Club.

The remarkable results indicate the unprecedented public interest, almost exclusively in the alternative news media, in our Judeo/Christian heritage, and what it all means, for the world and the Church. We have seen far more interest in fact, than there was on Magna Carta’s actual 800th anniversary!

There is unprecedented public interest, almost exclusively in the alternative news media, in our Judeo/Christian heritage, and what it all means, for the world and the Church

A few statistics: By early April 2023, 177+ members had downloaded ‘Magna Carta RIP?’, intending to read it in the near future. Twitter has had 1779+views and as at 31 April, 12 reviews, all positive, from those who have now read it. Every few days I am getting hits on social media.

Amazon updates the popularity of every book on their platform every day. My title was around 1.2million rating before 9 March, improving substantially by 9 March to 47,192 in the UK and 54,401 in the USA, where it was rated as 16 in Social Issues and 20 in the eschatology categories. These complex algorithm measures change hourly but are a good indication of popularity. They are not claimed as being comparable to the top best-sellers that make it into the New York Times but are generally regarded as more than respectable in a specialised non-fiction book.

In applauding any pushbacks by freedom champions in the secular world we have a last-days, God-given opportunity to show where the basis of our freedoms and liberty came from – God’s laws.

Whereas there are many angry voices and justifiable calls for restitution, the remnant of believing watchmen is in the last chance saloon to focus on biblical salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ and his prophetic Word. Repentance for our neglect will not necessarily be widespread but in the words of Jude in his letter to the churches: “Let us contend earnestly for the faith entrusted once for all to the saints” (Jude 1:3).

Jude, whose letter inspired me to write, exhorts us also in our endeavours for the Kingdom: to keep ourselves in the love of God as we await the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring us to eternal life; to have mercy on those who doubt, save others by snatching them from the fire, and to still others show mercy tempered with fear (Jude 20-23).

This earnest warning from Jesus’s half-brother, is for us to reach as many as we can in these final days and hours of history, with the Good News of salvation through our risen Saviour and the prophesied coming of the Kingdom of God. The imminence of the tribulation and the anticipated revealing of the false Messiah emphasises the urgency of the message to those who are deceived into putting their faith and hopes in the New World Order, whether their sustainable Utopia or a new political and even religious reformation!

‘Magna Carta RIP? – Religious Freedom and the Church’ is free on Kindle Unlimited and only £2.53 to buy from where there is also a link to stream 20 Christian songs with original lyrics. Email

‘Magna Carta RIP?’ has a new front cover inspired by ‘Ring-a-ring-a-roses… we all fall down’, the traditional children’s rhyme thought to originate with the Great Plague. (The 1912 illustration, by Jessie Wilcox Smith, 1912, is called ‘American children playing the game’).

The author is comparing the circumstances of the Great Plague to the Covid pandemic and current chaos in Church and states, “just one of the prophetic signs of these times.”