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HEART Christian newspaper | 20 October 2020

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We have ways of making you tolerant…!

5 December 2013 |

The writing is on the wall – or screen – for our every unguarded conversation to be monitored.   The EU’s new tolerance directive will require each state to have a “National Tolerance Monitoring Commission”, empowered to monitor our private emails and even personal conversations for political correctness.  And even our youth could be locked up until they have acquired a “culture of tolerance”…. Read More


23 October 2013 |

Do we need whistle blowers? Or are they a menace?

THE CONVICTION OF BRADLEY MANNING, THE YOUNG AMERICAN soldier who published top secret US Army files, has divided opinion in America between those who see him as a hero and those who see him as a traitor to his country.

The trial, which led to Manning being sentenced to 35 years’ jail for “aiding the enemy”, was condemned by Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks. But he would, wouldn’t he!  Read More

It’s not cricket!

15 August 2013 |

In a world of internet scams and telephone deceptions, was it surprising that England’s Ashes victory left many feeling that somehow it wasn’t quite cricket?

EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT INTO SPORT, IF YOU ARE AN OLDER READER, you will remember the phrase, “It’s not cricket!” 

It meant, “It’s not right” or “It’s not fair”. Cricket is not only a game with rules but with a long tradition of sportsmanship whereby you behaved in a way that upheld the rules; your behaviour was always righteous. When playing the game of cricket if you knew you had nicked the ball (touched it with your bat, not stolen it!) and it was caught by the wicket-keeper or another fielder, you immediately walked to the pavilion, even if the umpire had not spotted it. But that’s not so with today’s cricketers.

Read More


10 June 2013 |

Is it time for Britain to get out of Europe?

This is the question increasingly being asked, not just among Tory grandees in Westminster, but right across the country. The discussion is not only taking place among politicians but in pubs and clubs where everyone can have their say. Read More

The loss of innocence

1 February 2013 |

Rev Dr Clifford Hill

The only innocent ones today are the parents who don’t know what is happening to their children

“A 13-YEAR-OLD GIRL received a text message on her mobile phone from a boy in her class at school who was trying to strike up a friendship. Instead of asking her to go with him to a show or some other event he requested photos of her naked before he would decide to go out with her.” Read More

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