A well known pastor and prayer leader recently died in hospital, but revived following intense prayer from his daughter and church.

Prayer leader Pastor Brenda Taylor reported, “He was in hospital for emergency surgery, and at one point actually ‘died’ and found himself in the presence of the Lord on the ‘other side’…”

When the resurrected pastor “returned”, he had Psalms 13-16 impressed on his mind, so these are now being recommended for prayer over Britain as part of the ‘Operation Breakthrough’ prayer strategy initiated by Brenda Taylor and other prayer leaders.

Pastor Brenda believes that “God is looking past Brexit. During the delay, politics is changing, prayer is rising, and we have a great need to return to holiness.”

‘Near death’ experiences have a common theme for Christians: they meet Jesus

There are plenty of ‘near death’ reports on the internet; the challenge is to find those that ring true for Bible believers. We believe these pass the test.

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Have you had a near-death experience? Write to letters@heartpublications.co.uk

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