Asbury ‘revival’

The Asbury ‘revival’ has been viewed many times on social media, but some Christians’ opinions are voiced unkindly, which saddens me and hurts the Body of Christ. Please be more loving to those who have a different opinion over Asbury and other issues.

We all support the congregations and groups that reflect our own beliefs. However, the basics are to believe the Word of God and not just to the letter but also to comprehend God’s intention, helped by the presence of the Holy Spirit, who teaches us. Remember, Jesus said to step out of darkness into the light.

I pray good will come out of this ‘revival’, but if sin is still evident in attendees in a year’s time, then what will this event have done? Time will tell.

Susan Hill, Eastbourne, East Sussex

The weight of evidence

Contrary to Tony Pearce’s conjecture in his article ‘No way out?’ that Putin has expansionist aspirations, evidence points to his being a Russian nationalist and a realist, with no interest at all in recreating the former Soviet Union, nor in retaking any formerly Communist countries.

The restraint Putin has shown for years in the face of NATO’s unlawful expansion is evidence. However, while occupying Ukraine may never have been Putin’s goal, the West’s escalation of the war may be forcing his hand.

This is a well-planned and long provoked war by NATO and the US against Russia with NATO’s intentions being the destruction of Russia and to obtain Russia’s extensive oil and gas reserves.

In order for this war to end we need to pray that God would expose the American globalist cabal and their institutions; for should Vladimir Putin unleash his hypersonic RS-28 Sarmat missile, it could potentially obliterate the UK 1,600 miles away, in just six minutes. A sobering reality indeed!

Pamela Stevens, Stockwell, London

Head coverings

I fully agreed with David Measures’ article on head-coverings (Dec/Jan 2022-23).

I have worn a head-covering to Church these past 40 years after being born again in a house fellowship that (loosely) belonged to a movement of house fellowships, which subscribed to the practice of women wearing head-coverings, though it was never forced.

For three and a half decades I have attended churches where I was often the only woman in a hat!

During that time I experienced several unpleasant attempts to “change my mind”, to “liberate” me, which made me feel extremely awkward. Nevertheless, I persevered and have been so glad that I did. I am completely convinced of the benefits of head covering for women; I whole-heartedly believe that yes, the angels, including and possibly especially, the fallen ones, are watching intently the head-covering, or not, of women. I see it as an immense privilege that only women are blessed with.

I am happy for people to contact me for further information.

Eleanor Pomagalski (Mrs), POOLE, Dorset

01202 246802

Wake up call

An early wake up call on 26 February prompted me to grab a pen and write: “Let your yes be yes and your no be no; the future of nations is at stake!” Matthew 5 finishes with “for whatsoever is more than these comes of evil”!

It’s not appropriate to overlook such a warning, especially when the EU President was visiting our PM to revise the Irish border protocol, the King’s coronation is on 6 May and there’s unrest among the people in Scotland!

Are the outcomes of all these big decisions going to work together for peace and harmony? We must continue daily to watch and pray, being anxious for nothing as we remain faithful for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Let’s be expectant that he will perfect what concerns him for his glory to be revealed not only in the these islands but all nations. Isaiah 24:14: “They shall lift up their voice, they shall sing for the majesty of the LORD, they shall cry aloud from the sea”.

Sally Rickard, London

Open the King’s eyes

I have often found myself asking Jesus how to pray for unbelievers, but I cannot find a Bible verse that shows us how.

Paul asked friends to pray that he might proclaim the Gospel clearly. So I pray that unbelievers will hear the Gospel from someone.

I don’t know what King Charles believes but there is William Tyndale’s final prayer: “O Lord, open the King of England’s eyes.”

Anthony Reynolds, Amersham, Bucks

Sexual grooming of children

The sexual grooming of our children (article by Dr David Mackereth, Feb/Mar 2023) makes me very angry.

But the Lord, “whose eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth” (2 Chronicles 16:9) is even angrier! The Bible says that children are “a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward”, (Psalm 127:2). Christ says: “Suffer little children; and forbid them not to
come unto Me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14).

Sexual grooming is a global pandemic: a heinous, indecent, despicable act – especially when involving children – babies, even: and young persons! The vile spread of this disease is enabled by easily available unbridled internet content and ‘un’social media.

Tragically, it does often feel too late to restore the age of innocence for this generation. But we must belatedly speak up. We owe this to our young people.

Valerie A Vince (Mrs), Bedhampton, Hampshire

Leave the building

I felt God telling me to warn believers to get away from the idea that a building is where we are to worship.

He reminded me from the book of Acts how the early Christians met in homes to worship. I believe that God wants to call us back to that way of worship, and that in the next two years we shall see the closure of many buildings that people wrongly call ‘church’. We, the people of God, are the Church.

Buildings will close due to the rising costs of heating and maintaining them. I believe God will let this happen to bring us back to a New Testament style of worship.

Furthermore, I felt God spoke to me about mass public unrest across the UK, which will lead to civil war. God highlighted Matthew 24:7, which mentions kingdom going to war against kingdom; we are called the United Kingdom. This will come about because of extreme abortion, transgender laws and the rising cost of living. People can contact me on

Iain Lewis Sharp

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