After last issue’s feature on the alarming state of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in UK schools, Dr David Mackereth issues a call to concerned people to speak out about the extreme materials and new ideologies that Laurence Fox calls classroom “grooming”

Is the sexual coercion of our little children any less of an existential threat to our civilisation than Russia’s recent threat to attack UK cities with nuclear weapons? It may not be as sudden or dramatic, but is surely as effective.


I am astonished at the lack of concern among ordinary people over things that will change our society forever. As one who took a stand, I know what it is to fight ‘the system’ that we have accepted. Four years ago, having been a qualified doctor for 30 years, I lost my job at the Department for Work and Pensions because I said that I would refuse to use pronouns in a new way and would not call a hypothetical, six-foot tall, bearded man “she” or “Mrs”. The Employment Tribunal ruled that my belief that humans are born male or female was “incompatible with human dignity” and “unworthy of respect in a democratic society”.

Failure to act leaves us as slaves of a new order that cares nothing for our children

Several court hearings have taken place with the help of the Christian Legal Centre. So far I have won only the right to believe that mankind is male and female, but no protection for that belief under the law.


Where are the doctors, nurses and teachers who are speaking up on this issue? For the sake of the children, there should be thousands of us. Other doctors like me could also prove without any difficulty that a person cannot change sex. Teachers are at the forefront of this new sexual movement. I stand with Enoch Burke, a Christian teacher in the Republic of Ireland who was recently imprisoned after taking a similar stand on pronouns. Some say that he was only in prison for contempt of court, but I believe that no teacher should end up suspended, let alone incarcerated, for refusing to use transgender pronouns. Upon his release in December 2022, he now faces the confiscation of his property after continuing to turn up at his Church of Ireland secondary school.


When it comes to Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) in schools, a handful of mothers have spoken out in Wales. They say that the materials used in schools amount to sexual grooming of very young children. Why are not all the parents of the land marching on parliament over this?

I have heard of schools refusing to show teaching materials to parents, even though they have a legal right to see it. Parents have been vilified, sidelined and demonised by the authorities for seeking to defend their children. How did it come to this?

There is a desperate desire to believe that the government is acting in our best interests


I have spoken up for the freedom of doctors to be able to question whether a person can or can’t change sex. I believe that teachers and parents should be easily able to challenge RSE.

I have seen first-hand that fear is a potent force for keeping people silent, but I am coming to the reluctant conclusion that it is not fear that is at the very root of the problem, but sheer indifference. People don’t care. People want someone else to take the fall.


There is a desperate desire to believe that the government is acting in our best interests, and that the powers that be will always restore stability. The truth is that the political rulers are supporting this whole regime, and are responsible for it, even if they appear to remain aloof from the torrent of foul sexual material being poured on our children day after day.

Failure to act leaves us as willing slaves of a new order that cares nothing for us or our children. If we do nothing, the next generation will not be stable, secure, prosperous, or happy. It is our last chance.

Dr David MackerethDr David Mackereth is a medical doctor who studied at the universities of St Andrews and Manchester. Qualified in 1998, he spent most of his working life as a specialist in emergency medicine an d
is also formally trained for Christian ministry.

In 2018 he lost his job as disability assessor at the Department for Work and Pensions for refusing to use transgender pronouns, and is still fighting his case in the courts.

An overview of inappropriate RSE material is at

Clare Page
Clare Page is courageously taking on the government over RSE

Clare Page is crowdfunding for a tribunal case after her daughter’s secondary school refused to give parents access to the RSE materials provided by the ‘School of Sexuality Education’, citing copyright concerns. Her daughter was taught that the world is “heteronormative”, and that this can be countered by becoming “sex-positive”. Pupils were referred to the programme’s website, which contained sexually explicit material, and Page discovered that one of the facilitators also runs a sex toy business.

and unbalanced Meanwhile, mums who took the Welsh government to court over RSE have lost their judicial review, but are planning to appeal. Public Child Protection (PCP) Wales was represented by leading human rights barrister Paul Diamond, who called the Welsh RSE code “extreme “.

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