I was encouraged to read Pastor Measures’ letter (Dec/Jan) on head covering. I first wore one to church in July 2014 and my journal back then records the need to “know that he is holy” and this quote: “See to it that every hair and every place is given over to God, and you will worship him, and he will accept it” (A W Tozer).

This has both nothing and everything to do with head covering. When God sees us given over to him, it matters. When the angels see us given over to him, it matters. If we are born again, we are children of God and need not accept scraps. Losing our wonder for God’s heavenly Creation and order can be accepting scraps.

We may not understand head covering or angels or the desires of God, but we can begin by wondering about them. As women, we can slip on a scarf in private and ask God what pleases him. As Christians, we can often appear foolish to the world, and sometimes we need to be prepared to be foolish to God, and to fellow Christians, if we want to honour him; sometimes, we even need to be foolish “for the sake of the angels”.

Jacqueline Day, Battle, East Sussex

Risk averse

Why are the NHS, government and pro-jab people not willing to acknowledge that there is a risk with taking the jab?

Ernie Kerr, Strachur, Argyll

Fuelling fears

How heartily I agree with your correspondents Charles Gardner and David Pennant (Letters, Dec/Jan).

For a newspaper that claims to offer hope and aims to unify you are in danger of achieving the opposite by fuelling fears and merely demonising anyone with a different view.

Andrew Hough, Bembridge, Isle of Wight

Thank you

I just want to thank you on behalf of our congregation for your wonderful publication that we have been blessed to read during this year. We have renewed our subscription for five papers throughout the year.

Mark Fishleigh, The Meeting Place, Birkenhead, Cheshire

The courage, determination and resilience you have shown in both setting the paper up and keeping it going is a powerful witness. You are a real inspiration! Thanks again for all you do and we will aim to pray for HEART regularly.

P Collins, Spelthorne, Surrey

Every issue of HEART newspaper is so inspiring and educational and the latest one (Dec/Jan) is no exception. Congratulations.

Marianne and Leslie Gaston, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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