Listening to Prime Minister’s Questions on 13 March, I was appalled to hear that we are sending £100 million to Gaza.

In the light of the BBC’s own Panorama programme regarding the billions that the Hamas leaders have accumulated in the world’s stock markets, this is an utter disgrace when we should be compensating the vaccine injured and victims of the contaminated blood scandal, let alone the postmasters.

Do watch the programme before the BBC even censor themselves:

We must all call for Hamas to surrender and yield to Israel forever; that will save lives rather than wasting our taxes.

Steve Turnham

Eastbourne, East Sussex

Don’t alarm the Gazans

Your front page article “Gaza needs Jesus!” (Feb/Mar 2024) is very disturbing.

Why? Because although I agree that seeing the people of Gaza become followers of Jesus is what is needed, to use words like “crusade” and “an army” will only inflame the situation, and not give Franklin Graham the opportunities he is looking for.

Local people could well look on his visit as an “invasion” by Christians supporting the Jewish people… that is all Hamas needs to ramp up the conflict. If he could align himself with the supplying of food, water, medications, etc, he would have a better position to speak from, I believe.

Jesus did the same.

Remember that President Bush during the liberation (not invasion) of Iraq used the word “crusade” and was quickly shouted down.

It is a pity that the world’s press focuses so much on the plight of ordinary Gazan people rather than the continuation of Israel as a self-defended state.

Howard R Gardner

Colchester, Essex

BBC bias?

So the organisation VfJUK believes that the BBC is biased against Israel.

Yet the BBC is also regularly criticised for being too pro-Israel and for overlooking the deaths of civilians in the Gaza strip. Perhaps they are doing something right if both sides are so highly critical of their coverage?

Andrew Hough

Bembridge, Isle of Wight

Leaving the C of E

I beg to differ from those who say orthodox Christians should leave the C of E.

Each diocese actually has a measure of independence; in mine, both my bishop and my local incumbent wish to keep to Scripture. If I left, I would lose my current opportunities to preach the Gospel in Anglican churches and reach many who may be wavering and could be glad to hear someone standing up for orthodoxy.

Galatians 6:1 and James 5:19-20 speak of restoring errant brethren. Paul did not leave Peter’s section of the Church over eating with Gentiles, he fought from within, as did prophets like Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

There have been times in Church history where a majority has seemingly gone off beam, but the likes of Athanasius hung in there and were ultimately vindicated.

When involved in a spiritual battle, why abandon the C of E, with all the openings it has, to the enemy?! Let us intercede for God’s errant people like Daniel and pray for restoration and revival as in Psalm 85!

Richard Hill (Rev) (rtd)

Ludlow, Shropshire

C of E discriminates against ex-gays

Well done for printing a letter (Feb/Mar 2024) exposing the C of E’s shameful discrimination, bigotry and hypocrisy of the C of E in deliberately censoring and excluding the testimony of ex-gay Christians at the recent Synod, while other clergy openly boast about their same-sex relationships.

The Church should be encouraging the testimony of the many ex-gay people who take a stand for the truth against woke bigotry. Its leaders should consider what Jesus said to the religious leaders: “It is your will to practise the lusts and gratify the desires of your father, the devil” (John 8:44, AMP).

Any service of same-sex marriage, or indeed of (pretending to) bless such relationships, is of course an act of worship. But who are they worshipping? Not the God of the Scriptures; they are gratifying the desire of his enemy, who has deliberately sown these tares in the Church to do his work (Matthew 13:24-30, 38-43). At least the difference between the wheat and the tares is becoming clearer.

“They have done evil in my sight, says the Lord, they have set their abominations (exceedingly disgusting and shamefully vile things) in the house which is called by my name to defile it” (Jeremiah 7:30, AMP).

By pretending to bless and condone same-sex relationships they are also ensuring such people will not repent, but will live separated from God, in this life and the next, by their sins. Is that a blessing or a curse?

Jim Wright

Folkestone, Kent

Christian signs

Why are we so shy of being seen to be Christian?

We could put a Christian poster, rainbow or cross in our front window for passers-by to see. The Christian charity ‘Anna Chaplaincy’, which helps older Christians, is encouraging people to make craftwork crosses which are knitted or sewn which can then be given to friends.

At Easter, Whitsun and Christmas, Christians could wear a Christian brooch or badge on their coat, so that those in authority won’t dismiss Christian views so easily by saying “There aren’t many Christians left”, if they keep passing people in the street who are wearing a Christian symbol!

A Wills

Ruislip, Middlesex

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