I can understand why people who live in Russia have been brain-washed by state-controlled media to believe that Putin’s war on Ukraine is justified.

Geoff Chapman
Geoff Chapman

However, how can people living in the UK, like the writers of two letters in your April-May issue, be so deceived? (Ukraine: Putin was provoked, Apr/May 2023).

Pamela Stevens claimed that Putin has “no interest at all in recreating the former Soviet Union or retaking any former communist countries”. Why, then, did Putin invade Georgia in 2008 and annexe Crimea in 2014?

NATO exists to defend the territory of its members, not invade neighbouring states. Putin’s plans have backfired as other Baltic states are poised to join NATO. Susette McLachlan claims Putin’s so-called “military operation” in Ukraine was not an invasion. Why, then, did he attempt to take Kyiv and seek to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure?

Ms McLachlan claims there is a “clear diplomatic solution” – presumably meaning that Ukraine should give up the territory Russia has stolen.

Putin cares nothing about the lives which have been lost in this unnecessary war. In Russia people can be jailed for up to 25 years for speaking out against the war. I pray for the people of Ukraine, whose way of life has been destroyed because of one man’s lust for power.

Geoff Chapman, Chard, Somerset

Putin and prophecy

Rev Richard Hill
Rev Richard Hill

As I understand it, the only promise made by the West was not to position nuclear missiles in East Germany. If Ukraine falls, then Putin will go for the Baltic states where he has already been trying to incite the Russian populations against their governments.We surely cannot walk by on the other side.

Some with prophetic insight see him attacking the UK. We may be moving into very specific Revelation territory, with war, famine, plague, persecution, and economic collapse (Revelation 6 and 18). So, we do need to keep in mind the bigger picture and seek to understand the times we live in (1 Chronicles 12:32).

Richard Hill (Rev), Ludlow, Shropshire

An evil manifesto

Susette McLachlan’s letter effectively justifying Russia’s aggressive and genocidal war against Ukraine reads like a manifesto of evil.

Michael Petek
Michael Petek

On 15 March 2023 the Supreme Court handed down a judgement in the case of The Law Debenture Trust Corporation plc v Ukraine [2023] UKSC 11, directing a trial of the facts.

In 2013, Ukraine issued Eurobonds with a nominal value of US $3 billion and carrying interest at 5% per annum to Russia, repayable in December 2015; but Ukraine failed to repay the Eurobonds when they matured on 21 December 2015.

The Claimant issued proceedings against Ukraine in the English courts, claiming the sums due to Russia. Ukraine filed a defence that it was entitled to void the Eurobonds because of duress arising from Russia’s unlawful and illegitimate threats to Ukraine’s territorial integrity and independence.

Ukraine pleaded that Mr Sergei Glazyev, an Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, on 22 September 2013, threatened that if Ukraine signed the Association Agreement with the European Union, Russia could no longer guarantee Ukraine’s status as a State.

If these facts are admitted or proved at trial, then it will be conclusive that Russia threatened Ukraine with the use of armed force as early as September 2013, thereby giving Ukraine just cause for the use of force against Russia. This would establish that Russia’s use of armed force against Ukraine from February 2014 amounted to the supreme international crime of waging aggressive war.

Michael Petek, Brighton, East Sussex

NATO’s broken promise

In 1990 the FSU agreed to withdraw some 40,000 Soviet soldiers from East Germany, with NATO’s assurance that it wouldn’t expand eastward toward either the Russian border or other Eastern countries.

But NATO quickly reneged on its promise, expanding eastward! Poland, Hungary and Czechia joined in 1999, Romania and Estonia in 2004. Then in 2008 NATO announced its intention to admit Ukraine and Georgia, which both border Russia.

The ‘problem’ is that NATO’s assurances were never formalised into ‘treaty’, meaning NATO has plausible deniability.

Then the US funded protests in Kiev in late 2013/early 2014 that ended in far right Ukrainian ultra-nationalists (ie neo-fascists) forcing out the democratically elected pro-Russia government.

I recommend Benjamin Abelow’s book, ‘How the West brought war to Ukraine’.

James Smith, Sheffield, Yorkshire

One-world government

After the Second World War it was America that thought we should police the rest of the world and the inevitability of a one-world government was established.

The UN was set up soon after the end of the Second World War and now we have the World Economic Forum.

God will allow a one-world government to come about, just to show that it doesn’t work, until the Lord Jesus Christ returns. He comes to reign over us as King of kings and Lord of lords.

With regard to ending the present war in Ukraine, there was a referendum when it was decided to give the eastern provinces autonomy; but then nothing much happened.

I suggest that the eastern provinces should be given to Russia to rebuild the cities they have destroyed – I don’t see why anybody else should pay for it. But the Crimea should be given back to Ukraine.

Sister Rosalind Markby, Stratford, London

King Charles’s faith

Anthony Reynolds says he does not know what King Charles believes (Letters Apr/May).

In fact, King Charles said that he believes that Muslims, Hindus and Christians are all on the same path, and when they die they will all end up in the same place!

However, I agree with Anthony’s prayer: “Lord, open the King of England’s eyes”!

Dean McBride, London SE17

Ignored news

Once again, a brilliant issue of HEART (Apr/May 2023). Full of articles pertinent to our Christian faith and the world today. Thank you for printing subjects that are ignored in our daily press.

Marianne and Leslie Gaston, Cheltenham, Gloucester

Covid ‘lab leak’ is a red herring

Regarding ‘Lab leak theory gains recognition’ (Apr/May 2023), the truth is the whole thing is a psy-op. The seasonal ‘flu was weaponised by incessant propaganda and deceitful ‘signs and wonders’.

In fact it is extremely cold in Wuhan in the middle of winter and the industrial pollution is awful. Temperature inversion effect causes this smog in the city to stay which leads to respiratory diseases.

The rest was mere ‘advertising’ to a gullible and ignorant public who have been dumbed down over the decades not to double check or critically think.

Current virology theory is fraudulent, part of the satanic lies to get people to take poisonous vaccines and Big Pharma drugs. I can explain further if required: melvillejwilson@gmail.com

Melville Wilson, Slindon, West Sussex

Big Bang

“The earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep.’ These may be the most important words both for Christians and scientists today. What do they mean? God created Darkness, an area without forms that was empty, BEFORE light appeared. In scientific terms Dark energy was before the Big Bang light. The Big Bang didn’t expand into nothing, it expanded into the dark energy that already existed.”

Paul Minter, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex

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