I write to say what an excellent Christian publication HEART is, particularly the recent coverage of the Israel/Gaza conflict, which gave its historical origins based on fact, not from the anti-Israeli bias in much of the media coverage.

It was good to see a letter, too, from my one-time pastor and friend Mervyn Tilley (rtd), to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude for directing me, many years ago, to the book ‘From Time Immemorial’ by Joan Peters. This book is extensively researched and details the history of the Arab-Jewish conflict over so-called Palestine, the name ascribed to it by the PLO in 1967.

Thank you, Mervyn, for setting me on the right side of history.

Bruce Stevens

Reading, Berkshire

Famine in Britain?

Further to my last letter about an economic crash and healing miracles breaking out in the Church (Dec/Jan 2023-24), a friend once told me that in the 1960s a preacher in Manchester had forecast a great famine coming to Britain one day.

Throughout the famine, he said, Christians would receive just enough food to keep them alive.

Roger Nutton

Chelmsford, Essex

Contradictory behaviour from a C of E priest

It’s reported that Paula Vennells, who led the persecution of innocent postmasters for a crime they didn’t commit, had applied to be made Bishop of London.

This is the third most senior post in the Church of England. She didn’t get the role – but she is a practising Church of England priest. She repeatedly lied, stating that the Horizon computer system was not faulty, even though she knew the truth.

The Bible clearly states that Christians must not lie and must care for people and show kindness. If she is a Christian, how could her conscience allow her to continuously lie and destroy the lives of honest, hard-working people?

This contradictory behaviour by one of their priests should be investigated by the Church of England as it seems they need to tighten up their screening processes.

A Wills

Middlesex, Greater London