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HEART newspaper: Heart Publications | July 20, 2018

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Letters: August - September 2017

Falsified history

In response to How the Past Explains Where We Are by Jeremy Thomas (June-July books page). I have just re-read True Science Agrees With The Bible by Malcolm Bowden. Here he shows how history has been falsified to hide the Christian history of this island since the times of the apostles onwards.

Where Jesus tells us to watch and pray, surely seeing how we have been misled about our own history, and the reason Britain has been used in the past, helps us to pray with more clarity and assurance.

Rowena Osmond

Belvedere, Kent

Gross national sin

The day after the BMA voted to support the decriminalisation of abortion up to birth, I awoke pondering the madness of a country that seeks to kill its unborn children up to birth, with no repercussions.

Was it a coincidence that shortly after their vote, the heavens opened and we had a violent downpour? It does make me wonder about the immense sorrow God feels over our gross national sin.

Nikki Addley


Fork handle

Monotheism is like a fork. The handle is Abraham and the three prongs are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I have an identity in the Christian prong and I also have an identity in the handle Abraham. I share the handle, Abraham, ie identity with both Jews and Muslims.

Were we as Christians to identify more with the Abraham identity, we would have a loving place of community to share the rest of our faith. When I am a father, I continue being a son, and a brother, and many other identities. We have a natural place to speak to the other two faiths, so let’s use it.

Paul Minter


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