Political myopia

I read with utter dismay the letter by Paul Cambell (Aug/Sept), in which he saw “right wing bias screaming” through the June/July cover article, “Was this judgement?”

It typifies a problem that too many professing Christians have today; they are unable to discern between a political and spiritual comment. Non-Christians have an excuse for suffering from political myopia, but Christians should be able to see the world more clearly through God-given spiritual eyes.

Christians need to allow their faith to inform their politics, not the other way round.

James Smith

See also ‘In my own words’ for another response to Mr Cambell and a longer letter by James Smith

Churches in a bind

I am writing to commend you on the latest edition of HEART (Aug/Sept), certainly the best edition since I have been receiving copies.

The very interesting article on Magna Carta and its implications for Church freedom in these difficult days seemed to suggest that the restrictions placed on church meetings are not now legally binding but simply advisory, which in turn allows congregations the liberty to decide for themselves the kind of meetings to hold without fear of legal action. Is this the case?

Jeff Smith

Hopefield Evangelical Church Sheffield

Heartily delicious

I do so appreciate the excellent articles, letters, book reviews, testimonies and all the goodies contained in HEART’s pages!

The teaching articles certainly get to the ‘heart’ of the matter and also put ‘heart’ into believers in Yeshua as we move through these unusual and exciting times! It’s like receiving a delicious meal every two months to build us up in our faith.

Please accept my “heart-felt thanks” in our precious Lord Jesus.

Beryl Barua


Don’t be shy

Other faiths boldly wear their symbols, but Christians seem hesitant!

Covid made it acceptable to display rainbows, so why couldn’t we put a Christian symbol in our windows at Christmas and Easter?

We display an illuminated nativity in our window during Advent and would like to display a small lit-up cross, now that low-energy LED bulbs are available.

And if we wore a small Christian brooch, perhaps those in authority wouldn’t dismiss Christian views by saying, “There aren’t any Christians left!”

Ann Wills

Ruislip, Middlesex

Judgement then awakening

About 25 years ago, I was in an Intercessors for Britain prayer group, and a young man said
he had received a vision of a burning torch going through Britain.

I then had a mental picture of a pine tree and was simultaneously made aware that the pine cone is designed to withstand forest fires. In fact, the pine cone needs the fire’s heat to open and disperse its seeds (at least, the American species does!).

The explanation I received about the vision was that a fire of God’s judgement will one day have to go through this land to burn up all the anti-Christ, atheist and false religious teachings and philosophies which oppress and blind people to the truth.

As the pine cone must stay attached to the tree while the fire rages, so we must remain closely connected to God while the fire of judgement rages.

When it has passed, we will be able, like the pine cone as it falls to the ground and spreads its seeds, to spread our seeds of the Holy Spirit in a nation cleansed and hungry for them, which will bring about a great revival in Britain; this will eventually spread to other

Roger Nutton

Chelmsford, Essex

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