By Iris Watson

Healed from lung cancer: Jenny Holder from Margate, Kent
Healed from lung cancer: Jenny Holder from Margate, Kent

A retired legal secretary from Margate has told of her miraculous recovery from lung cancer.

Jenny Holder, 66, was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2013 and had a mastectomy. She thought it was all dealt with. But her battle with cancer was not over.

Jenny recalls: “My life gradually returned to normal after the mastectomy, but two years later I developed an irritating cough. I was unconcerned because I thought it was either pleurisy or pneumonia.”

Jenny remained unworried until she saw an advert about how a persistent cough should always be checked out with a GP. This prompted her to seek medical advice.

Knowing her history, Jenny’s doctor arranged for her to have a scan which, unfortunately, confirmed secondary cancer in the lining of her lungs. She was told it was treatable but it was not curable.

Jenny, who recommitted herself to the faith of her childhood when she was 20, told the people of her church: “During my quiet time with the Lord I found myself reading Psalm 118 verse 17 in the Bible, which says: ‘I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.’

“I felt the tangible presence of God’s reassurance and peace.  I began my treatment, but the strong hormone tablets prescribed for me failed to hold back the cancer. I kept praising God, keeping him high on my agenda. Trusting him with my life, I had to have chemotherapy again.”

Jenny fully believes in the power of prayer. Friends at her church, the New Life Family Church in Margate, prayed for her regularly.

One day, beaming with delight, Jenny told the church: “When I checked in to keep my appointment with the oncologist at the beginning of June this year, it was just amazing – we looked at the x-rays and saw that 80 per cent of the cancer had gone! Another scan in August revealed further encouraging results.

“The oncologist was very pleased for me and we told her that we were Christians and believed this was an answer to prayer, but she didn’t comment.”

Jenny showed the church two x-rays (pictured) which highlighted how the tumours had shrunk to the tiniest shadow.

Before and after: the x-rays of Jenny’s lungs, showing the cancer as big grey shadows in the left picture, and free of them on the right 

Currently, Jenny is discharged from attending hospital, though she will return for regular check-ups in the future.

Jenny explained how she kept her faith in God’s promise to heal her: “I’ve had loads of prayer and all the way through I’ve been reminding God of his promises to heal me [in the Bible], to be with me ‘through the valley of the shadow of death’ (Psalm 23) and that I would not die but live to proclaim what the Lord has done.”

She adds: “It’s been a battle; the devil always wants us to fear the worst, but God ultimately has the victory.”

Jenny recounts how she was raised in a Christian family, but found herself in an abusive marriage which finally ended in divorce. She testifies how God proved his faithfulness during eleven years as a lone parent of four children, meeting all of her needs.

Twenty years ago she met Jonathan Holder at her church and they were married, fulfilling another of God’s promises to her from the Bible – that her bad early marriage would be replaced with a good one.

Jenny says her four children have grown up to be lovely adults, and she now has three grandchildren and another on the way.

Read another healing report from Jenny’s husband Jonathan on page 6 of this paper

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