Afshin Javid is a former member of Iran’s feared internal security force, the Basij militia, and spent his youth attending anti-Israel protests, chanting “Death to Israel” and burning Israeli flags.

He later enforced strict Sharia laws on Iran’s streets and participated in six executions. Now a Christian, he had a radical meeting with Jesus in prison. This is an edited version of his recent interview with Simon Barrett of Revelation TV

Afshin Javid
Afshin Javid, formerly a fervent militiaman, shares his amazing testimony of meeting Jesus while praying in prison (Credit: CBN News YouTube)

I wanted to please Allah before I could even read or write. As long as I remember I hated the Jews. Israel was the infidel.

On the way to the US to ‘convert’ Christians to Islam, I was put in jail for my illegal passport. I was a very devout Muslim who fasted and read the whole Qur’an every ten days.

One day I was praying and a man appeared in shining light. I knew he was holy and just and I felt that he must kill me. I didn’t want to die so I cried out, “Forgive me – forgive me”.

I was praying and a man appeared in shining light

I felt a touch on my left shoulder and he said, “I forgive you.” I felt his word penetrate right through me. [In Islam]  there is no example of Allah’s mercy until the day of judgement. I felt a weight lift off me. I felt lighter but I was confused as I didn’t know one could experience this in this life.

I cried out, “Forgive me – forgive me”I asked, “Who are you?” Then he appeared to me and said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”.

I didn’t understand and asked again, “What is your name?”

He said, “Jesus Christ”. I fell on the floor and I wept.

Then I looked up and saw a screen of people of all generations and races and their sins. And Jesus said, “I can forgive them as easily as I forgave you, but who is going to tell them? Go and I will be with you.”

I ran to the prison mosque and told everyone to believe in Jesus and that he could forgive them as he appeared to me. They tried to kill me, of course.

My brother has since tried to kill me a few times and later my father ran after me with a butcher’s knife, but I outran him. For 11 years I kept telling him about Jesus Christ and he is now a believer.

I was away for five years, then was able to move to Canada as a refugee where my wife and I set up ‘Cyrus Call’, a ministry with prayer houses for Muslim converts to live with us. We also create teams to share the Gospel with the nations.

Then the Lord spoke to me in 2008 that I had spoken evil of Israel and I needed to repent and to ask the Jewish people’s forgiveness. After that, I kept meeting Jews and I always told them I had fallen in love with them and asked forgiveness for having ever hated them. I have now been many times to Israel and I make a point of telling my brothers and sisters how sorry I am.”



Yonatan, an Iranian Christian, spoke at a ‘Bring them home’ rally for the Hamas hostages in East Sussex in October. He empathised with Israel being under attack from extremist Islamists because his own country, Iran, had been “taken over by an extremist regime 42 years ago” in the Iranian revolution. He carried an Iranian flag with an Israeli flag attached to the corner

Young Iranians are emigrating or converting to other religions, according to ex-Iranian fighter Afshin Javid.

Yonatan, an Iranian Christian who loves Jewish peopleJavid spoke of the population’s extreme frustration with the economic situation in Iran and its disillusionment with the political leadership. He claimed there is a “massive” drug addiction problem and high suicide and divorce rates, while Facebook is full of Iranians complaining that the revolution and the regime are not bringing them “any of the things that you promised.”

Others, he said, “are trying to stay within the borders of Islam” but following a more moderate interpretation of the faith.

With many struggling to even feed their families, Javid said, “The only way to change the mindset of a nation is to show them your friendship, and a better way to live.”

(Source: The Times of Israel)