I am a retired NHS GP and have been lobbying my MP, MSP’s and First Minister (I live in Scotland), BMJ, RCGP, and national and local papers for months with little response. These are the points that don’t add up:

  1. Fauci lying about case fatality rates and the likely source of where the virus came from. This has come out in Congress.
  2. Myth of asymptomatic spread and abandoning of established public health measures from previous infective outbreaks.
  3. Exaggeration of the benefit of face masks and risk of infection outside.
  4. The suppression/censorship of effective cheap, safe, widely available treatments and benefit of vitamins and nutrients.
  5. The use of Relative Risk Reduction instead of Absolute Risk Reduction to “sell” the “effectiveness” of the novel mRNA vaccines.
  6. The rapid granting of EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation) of the vaccines, again abandoning all previously accepted safety standards when assessing totally new technology, especially as the track record of vaccine development for the coronavirus was of concern.
  7. The totally arbitrary and inconsistent restrictions placed on society and the evidence provided from totally unreliable models from Prof Neil Ferguson, whose track record was disgraceful.
  8. The ignoring of the rapidly accumulating records of serious adverse reactions and deaths in association with the vaccines recorded in VAERS, Yellow Card, EudraVigilance, and even WHO’s Vigiaccess and with respected clinicians across the world expressing concern (which has been ignored by authorities).
  9. The emerging evidence (which social media and the press are trying to censor) of the toxic nature of the spike protein and the widespread distribution of the vaccine throughout the body and its uptake in certain key organs and the damage it does to the circulation and clotting mechanisms.

By and large all my letters to politicians and journals and the press have either been ignored or I have received insipid replies claiming to be working hard for our good but containing no real substance.

I could go on.

Dr Alistair Montgomery


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