It’s heaven or hell

As an elderly, retired Church of England vicar without access to the internet and failing eyesight and hearing, I am utterly dismayed by the BBC and the state of things in this country including the established Church of this nation, which is compromising the Word of God, yet I am delighted with the contents and the truth being reported in this newspaper.

I have dedicated my life to preaching the uncompromising Word of God in the Church of England and long for the people in this nation to hear the truth and turn back from their rebellious ways.

People seem to think that if there is a God, then their life (as it is) is good enough for God (no questions asked!). What a deception! Why do they think a complete lifetime without God gives them a ticket to heaven? No way! At death their destination is hell.

Perhaps they think the words in the Church of England funeral service make them eligible for heaven: “In sure and certain hope of the resurrection from the dead”.  Picture a funeral; the body is in the ground, but there comes a cry from the coffin: “I have no hope of heaven. I can smell the flames. Let my family be warned not to come into this place of hell” (Luke 16:19-31).

The ‘important things’ when this world gets back to normal (if ever) will be football, drink, night clubs, sex with anyone outside of marriage etc – the very things that can cause grief and misery and will keep you out of heaven. But the only alternative is hell!

The very things that can cause grief and misery and will keep you out of heaven

In 1 Corinthians 6:9 we read: “Fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals, idolaters, sodomists, blasphemers, drunkards, thieves, extortionists will not inherit the Kingdom of God” and therefore NEVER see heaven unless they make a drastic change.

And Jesus said about teachers who can’t keep wandering hands off children: “If anyone offends ANY of these little ones of mine, he should have millstone hung around his neck and thrown into the deep sea”(Mark 9:42, Matthew 18:6).

Before Jesus came, no-one could be sure of going to heaven. But Jesus died on the Cross and brought forgiveness to all who would receive it.

Jesus says: “He who follows me NOW will be sure of heaven”.

So please – start to pray – invite Jesus into your life – from the moment you do that, you will be changed and ready for heaven.

Then read or sing ‘There is a green hill far away’ – (see below or click link for a video version) and let the truth start to change you.

There is a green hill far away,
outside a city wall,
where our dear Lord was crucified
who died to save us all.

We may not know, we cannot tell,
what pains he had to bear,
but we believe it was for us
he hung and suffered there.

He died that we might be forgiven,
he died to make us good,
that we might go at last to heaven,
saved by his precious blood.

There was no other good enough
to pay the price of sin,
he only could unlock the gate
of heaven and let us in.

O dearly, dearly has he loved!
And we must love him too,
and trust in his redeeming blood,
and try his works to do

Rev Leslie Wilson

Ketton, Rutland

Don’t guilt-trip us for the “greater good”

Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz. Translation: Common Good Takes Priority over Self-interest

In spite of it being known that vaccination does not prevent someone from either catching Covid or transmitting it to others, those making the personal choice to decline it are being branded as “selfish” and being “guilt-tripped” into taking it, if not for themselves, then for the “greater good”. How many times have we heard cabinet ministers use that term?

Not only is vaccination being associated with being a “good citizen”, but also a “good Christian”. For example, someone recently wrote in a letter in HEART: “There is no clearer demonstration of Christian care than getting vaccinated”. Really? Based on what science or theology?

The collectivist doctrine of the “greater good” has no place in a free and democratic society, let alone Christianity. The fact that the “greater good” is always defined as whatever is good for those in power is demonstrated by considering those regimes that have been most successful in imposing it on society.

For example, collectivism is foundational to communism, fascism, socialism and Nazism. Adolf Hitler declared: “The common good before the individual good”. So integral was this dogma to Hitler’s tyrannical rule that it was inscribed on the edge of every Reichsmark coin.

Perhaps we will soon find this inscribed on every bottle of Covid vaccine?

Whether one believes the vaccine is the saviour of the world in a syringe or the most dangerously toxic substance man has ever tried to inject man with, the decision whether or not to take it has nothing to do with being a good citizen and even less with being a good Christian. It is a matter of personal conscience, not government mandate.

Your decision should be based on informed consent, not being “guilt-tripped” by unscientific and fear-driven bigotry.

James Smith

Sheffield, Yorkshire