Why does the Church of England overlook the power of Jesus to cancel unwanted same-sex attraction?

I do not have a testimony in this area, but many do. During the Church of England’s Synod on 13-15 November last year, I joined a small group of ex-gay people from Core Issues Trust and X-Out-Loud (an international community of former LGBT people).

Jesus is able to transform people from being LGBT

Ex-gay demonstrators outside the C of E’s Synod deliberations
Ex-gay demonstrators outside the C of E’s Synod deliberations

They had already been removed from standing outside Church House. Having been denied an audience with both archbishops and an opportunity to share at the Synod meeting, they stood outside Westminster Abbey, sharing their testimonies with any Synod member who would listen.

This ‘Once Gay, Not Anymore’ T-shirtwas not welcomed in the Synod
This ‘Once Gay, Not Anymore’ T-shirt was not welcomed in the Synod

Sadly, the Synod officials removed those wearing ‘Once Gay, Not Anymore’ T-shirts from the public gallery, while allowing those wearing LGBT lanyards to be present on the Synod floor. What was shocking was to hear seasoned Synod clergy openly celebrating their longtime gay relationships.

Both archbishops and every bishop have been previously sent a copy of the ‘X-Out-Loud, Emerging Ex-LGBT Voices’ book of testimonies (xoutloud.com/book) by former-LGBT people but, in most cases, appear to have ignored its truths.

Our brave contributors are living proof that Jesus is able to transform people from being LGBT.

As Paul warned in 2 Timothy 4:3: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but having itching ears, they shall heap to themselves teachers in accordance with their own lusts.”

See also Colossians 2:8: “Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.”

Elene Haralambous

Guildford, Surrey

What the Horizon scandal has revealed about British life

The local post office should be cherished

William and Kate on their wedding day
Royal approval: the Princess of Wales invited her village postmaster to her
wedding (Credit: YouTube)

The emotional and financial devastation unleashed by the Horizon scandal on postmasters, postmistresses and their families, has shaken us all.

But it also revealed something else – the love we have as a nation for our local post office and the important role it plays in the life of our community. Kate Middleton, now Princess of Wales, invited her village postmaster, Hasmukh Shingadia, to her wedding.

The campaign to ‘Save Felpham Village Post Office’ in West Sussex is a good example of the affection, not to mention the need, to protect this vital asset. In the past few months, residents and local businesses have overwhelmingly supported the campaign.

Why? Not just because of the services it provides… yes, all of that is important, but it’s about the preservation of community. A healthy post office means more footfall for local businesses. Going into our village post office makes us feel part of something; the chatter, the laughter and the brilliant staff confirm that we belong, that we’re not alone.

If that sounds sentimental, good, let’s make no apology for that. It’s too easy to feel cut off and powerless that community is splintering. Well, not in Felpham and its environs.

Lizzie Mickery

Felpham, West Sussex

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