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Arab Christians and Jerusalem

Arab Christians might accept Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, but they might also want it to be the capital of the Palestinian Territories. They are caught between Israel and its radical enemies.

Andrew Casey

Epsom, Surrey


Clinging to a theory

The Church does not “cling to” a creationist position (letter from Mr Munn, Feb-Mar issue) as if we are in danger of being swept away by a tide of

Far from it. The Bible teaches clearly that everything was created by God in six days. To doubt such clear teaching indicates that one knows “neither… the Scriptures nor the power of God”.

In fact, the theory of
evolution totally contradicts established science, whereas
Creation conforms perfectly.

The Bible states repeatedly that everything reproduces “after its own kind” and genetics absolutely confirms this, whereas evolution states that at some point in the past, for reasons unknown, new species appeared (in violation of several laws of nature!).

Furthermore, the evolutionary theory requires the earth age to be billions of years, but many indicators suggest a much younger earth and universe. Mr Munn, you can suppose that all sorts of things may have happened, but I prefer to trust in the inerrant Word of God.

Christopher McCanna

Worthing, West Sussex


Bought bonds already

“I’ll make up for the years of the locust, the great locust devastation…” (Joel 2:25)

I have a deep appreciation for the many underdog, against-the-odds successes that have taken place in Israel since 1948. Consider one, the audacious rescue of Jewish hostages trapped in Uganda, as portrayed in the true-life movie ‘Raid on Entebbe’.

All the major American software companies locate some of their Research and Development units in Israel. Why? Jewish genius, that’s why.

I wanted to invest in Israeli software companies but didn’t have enough capital. The Israeli Embassy suggested investing in State of Israel Bonds. So I did just that. In 2010, when rockets, in their hundreds, were being launched at Israel, I doubled my initial investment!

Why are Christians, who claim their biblical, prophetic passion for Israel, not investing in State of Israel Bonds? Invest and be blessed: “I will bless those who bless you…” (Genesis 12:3).

Louis Hemmings

Blackrock, Co Dublin


Aid without exploitation

The reported exploitation of women by charity aid workers overseas should never be tolerated and is sadly now discouraging many public donors as well as the government.

The Aid for Trade Foundation, which does not travel
overseas, is a pioneering Worthing charity equipping local churches and missions overseas via the internet. Its free programmes to help sustainable poverty reduction are
already being used in 16 countries. Having no need to travel overseas avoids any local exploitation problems, is highly cost effective and is also environmentally friendly!

We have no supporters, no paid staff and a balance in hand of £1,600. So perhaps some disillusioned charity donors would like to help us grow?

Mike Tyler

Aid for Trade

Goring, West Sussex


Gay Pride event

Worthing is to celebrate its first Gay Pride event on Saturday 14 July. Our local paper told us that Worthing Council has endorsed this so-called inclusive, diverse, exciting, family-friendly day out.

Why, I ask, was it not made public so that any objections could first be voiced?

A Pride spokesman believes it is a way of putting Worthing on the map. Has Worthing been floating in space and will it now arrive on earth?

With the continued erosion of free speech, Christian values are being contested and compromised.  Can I be optimistic enough to hope that local churches will speak out against it? The article concludes by saying there are lots of youngsters who want to ‘come out’.

The pace at which the moral pollution of our society continues is very alarming. My advice to all is: don’t waste the day, stay at home or visit a sunny Worthing beach.

Chris Barber

Salvington, West Sussex


Prayer at the surgery

We hear a lot about Christians who are sacked for offering prayer at work, but what about my rights as a Christian to go to a doctor or hospital and request prayer? I’d love to have a prayer from a kind, caring Christian member of staff alongside any conventional treatment!

Wendy Barraclough

Haddington, Edinburgh


Thank you

I’d like to subscribe to your excellent newspaper.

Thank you for all your work bringing to notice the persecuted state of Christians in this country today and using your newspaper as a much-needed platform for Christian views.

We are regular viewers of Revelation TV and always look forward to Melanie’s input.

Jean Miller

Hythe, Kent



If you comment on articles via our website, and do not wish it to be considered for our letters page, please mark it ‘not for publication’.

Deadline for the June/July 2018 letters page is 30 April.


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