May 29, 2018

Church mustn’t cower in corner

Recently our church promoted HEART from the front as we want to get behind the Turn the Tide campaign.

However, I was disappointed to read the one-sided article from Clifford Hill and his paragraphs on the “dangerous teaching” from ‘Latter Rain’/ ‘Kingdom Now’ teachers.

Our Christian hope is that while the world gets darker, the light of Jesus shines brighter. Jesus’ prayer for God’s Kingdom “on earth as in heaven” has not been rescinded. Although it may never be fully realised this side of his return, Jesus is coming for a glorious, radiant bride (Ephesians 5:27), not a church cowering in the corner awaiting rescue!

I would not align myself with the excesses of any particular movement, but would rather believe in the transforming power of God’s presence – alongside biblical revelation – that gives hope.

This seems a far more accurate interpretation of New Testament prophetic ministry that encourages and builds faith, rather than doom and gloom prophecy motivated by fear.

Along with Clifford Hill and others, I do agree that deception is always close to the truth. So let’s ALL be careful not to manipulate God’s Word to suit our own theological preferences!

Rev Alan Nelson

New Life Church,
Old Woking, Surrey


Billy Graham

Thank you for your excellent article on Billy Graham (HEART April-May).

I gave my life to Christ at his Earl’s Court Crusade of 1966. Having been a nominal Christian beforehand, I became a fully committed Christian through his ministry. What a difference Christ has made to my life!

In 1973, when I was on his prayer committee for Spree ’73, I had the honour to meet him and shake his hand.

Gerald Gresham Cooke

Petworth, West Sussex


Trump saves babies, not adults

Donald Trump has unsurprisingly kept his campaign promises to the ‘pro-life’ campaigners. He won his narrow victory by their crucial support and will need it again to get a second term.

HEART’s repetition of unfounded allegations against Planned Parenthood (April-May issue), as if obviously true, just removes credibility. One does not need to be pro-abortion to be wary of
the activities of the pressure group styling itself as pro-life.

Would that their evident zeal to protect potential people were also directed at protecting real people from the risk of slaughter by the insane number of guns in America. That really would be pro-life!

Instead, their inconsistency was to the political advantage of someone who will make any gun control efforts even more difficult than before. Those who have lost loved ones can thank so-called ‘pro-life’ for their part in continuing the American death cult of the gun.

Michael Huber

Lindford, Hampshire


Social media menace

Social networking has caught us up in a whirlwind of accelerating change. Chatrooms and sites like Facebook and Twitter were first designed to bring us closer together, but they have been hijacked by the evil elements of society, with terrorist gangs using them for instant communication.

Phone hacking and picture sharing have also become widespread; people are taking pictures without permission and selling them at a profit.

Young people should be aware that networking via computer, instead of gaining communication skills by talking face to face, will sap confidence.

And although shortening words may speed up a process, it is not always wise to
stay in the fast lane! “Be still and know that I am God,” says the Lord. We cannot get to know someone unless we spend time with them.

William Doyle

Worthing, West Sussex


Don’t pay BBC licence

If Christians were really concerned about the BBC’s ‘cosy relationship’ with the evolutionist establishment (In my own words, April-May 2018), they wouldn’t keep paying their TV licence!

Ian Webb

Maidenhead, Berkshire


Sin brought to light

I read Andrew Heymer’s letter about Britain’s impending economic collapse (April-May issue) with interest. Three months ago I started praying about 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

As God’s people pray, he is healing our land and bringing previously hidden issues to light. I saw this first-hand as a health visitor from 1973 to 1993. I was shocked after attending a week’s training to ‘sensitise’ teachers and health visitors to a paedophile ring near my assigned area of visits. My friends did not believe it!

Meanwhile millions of unborn babies are slaughtered every year under the respectable heading of ‘termination of pregnancy’, similar to the babies slaughtered for Molech in the Old Testament.

What an awesome responsibility we have to pray!

June Walters

Reigate, Surrey


Lords’ Brexit blockage

Is the House of Lords an anachronistic affront to British democratic principles?

Responding to this question on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions’ programme recently, I made the point that remainers in the House of Lords are trying to overthrow the British people’s democratic decision to leave the EU.

The Lords’ attempt to force us to stay in the customs union (which is basically the EU) would stop Britain having free trade with the rest of the world.

The EU has already refused to negotiate future trading arrangements anyway, thus breaking Article 50, which gave us two years to negotiate a trade deal. It will only talk about borders, transition arrangements and EU citizens, while forcing us to hand over billions of pounds.

After Brexit, I want to see Britain become a financial centre providing banking for 2.4 billion people in 53 Commonwealth nations. Britain is the world’s sixth biggest economy and is leaving the EU to trade with the world, including the EU – if they will behave sensibly.

Roland Parsons


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