Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley has spoken out against lockdowns and the loss of liberty. Here is an extract from his recent article for Conservative Woman

We are governed by people whose goal appears to be the end of liberty.

Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley
Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley

We have seen an ever-increasing power grab, the smashing of small, medium and large businesses and the denial of family life.

High-cycle PCR testing, despite all its problems of false positives and the many scandals associated with it was ramped up, in order to deliver the ‘cases’ needed to maintain restrictions.

The great and the good fell for it. If the vaccine delivered freedom, they would have it. Not so.  What became apparent was a coercion strategy – and that all the population would have to be vaccinated whether they needed it or not.

On many occasions over the past year – 11 times, according to Politics Home – the government has insisted it had ‘no plans’ for vaccine passports, or Covid certification.

But soon the prospect of the necessity of annual boosters was mooted and all the while the population was being softened up for vaccine passports.

The current ‘offer’ in prospect is of some limited freedoms over the summer (in return for compliance with the various experimental vaccines now being rolled out), but with most control measures remaining: ‘Social distancing’ (disgusting term), masks (a badge of compliance, not a medical necessity), restrictions on events and on travel.

It all reminds me forcibly of conditions under communism in Eastern Europe before 1989.

Click here to see Powerpoint slides of what Lt-Gen Riley said

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