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“Smoking gun” evidence that jab is killing UK millennials

A dramatic increase in excess cardiovascular deaths in the UK is “smoking gun” evidence that Covid-19 jabs are killing millennials, according to Edward Dowd, formerly a BlackRock hedge fund manager.

“We observed 13 per cent increase above normal trend line in 2020, 30 per cent in 2021 and 44 per cent in 2022,” he told journalist and author Naomi Wolf on 19 September. “We saw about 200 excess cardiovascular deaths in [the 15-44] age group in 2020, 500 in 2021 and 700 in 2022.”

Dowd is also author of ‘Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022’. Britain has suffered 47,379 excess deaths since mid-April 2022 compared to the 2015-2019 average, according to The Exposé’s examination of ONS figures.

Meanwhile, in 2022, a shocking 35 per cent rise in cancers “compared with the long-term [UK] average” coincides with the Covid jabs, The Conservative Woman reported on 15 September.

Anna Morris KC
Anna Morris KC giving evidence to the Covid-19 inquiry on behalf of the vaccine injured (Credit: UK Covid-19 Inquiry via YouTube)

Compensation delays for vaccine injured

Compensation to vaccine-injured people has often been seriously delayed, according to barrister Anna Morris KC, speaking at the UK Government’s Covid-19 inquiry on 13 September.

“A total of 557 waited over 12 months for a decision and 166 have been waiting for over 18 months”, Morris said. A brain injury and a leg amputation due to blood clots were among the post-vaccination injuries represented at the inquiry.

The Conservative Woman also stated: “The Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme… insists on 60 per cent disability to qualify for the all-or-nothing payment of £120,000 and is there to block as many payments as possible.”

In the US, the number of Americans identifying as disabled (mostly women) has risen by one million in June 2023 alone. There is “a 72 per cent rate of adverse events” from the Pfizer vaccines in women compared to men, analysis by WarRoom/DailyClout reveals.

“Payments made to those suffering from disability due to cancer… [have] an increase of 12,271 cases [in 2022],” according to data from Phinance Technologies.

“Alarming” rise in stillbirths

The number of stillbirths and babies dying in their first few weeks of life has risen in the UK. During 2021, 3.54 per 1,000 babies were stillborn, up from 3.33 per 1,000 births in 2020, according to researchers at Oxford and Leicester universities. Neonatal deaths (babies who die within a month) also rose to 1.65 from 1.53.

Robert Wilson, head of the Sands and Tommy’s Joint Policy Unit, said the findings “pain[t] an alarming picture of baby loss throughout the UK and the situation… is simply unacceptable.” There were “notable increases” in stillbirths among women from deprived areas or certain ethnic backgrounds, demonstrating a “widening of inequalities”, he added.

Does mRNA affect personalities?

The mRNA technology in Covid jabs damages the brain’s small capillaries and overrides the blood-brain barrier, which may cause damage to mental capacity, according to microbiologist Prof Sucharit Bhakdi. “All your personality is going to be changed, your brain is being changed,” he said, speaking at an event in Vienna where he warned against the WHO’s intent to introduce mRNA in all future vaccinations, including flu jabs.

Commenting on Bhakdi’s talk during a discussion with attorney Dr Reiner Fuellmich on 14 November 2022, journalist Naomi Wolf concurred, described “dualistic thinking” and a reduced “ability to regulate emotions” among vaccinated friends and colleagues. The full interview can be viewed at

Marburg virus pandemic could be next, warns lawyer

US lawyer Todd Callender has suggested that “a Marburg pandemic could be caused by lipid nanoparticles releasing the virus into vaccinated people using 5G as the trigger,” according to The Exposé. (Marburg virus disease is a viral haemorrhagic fever.)

Technically, the legal requirements for dealing with such an outbreak are already in place, after Congress declared a “Marburg pandemic” in the Federal Register on 9 December 2020. Callender claims that the US has effectively been under “martial law” since 2020, when the declaration of a public health emergency suspended certain human rights, leading to the administration of experimental jabs without informed consent. He is currently lead plaintiff ’s counsel in litigation relating to the compulsory Covid vaccination of the US military.

“Different” vaccines used in trials

Pfizer carried out “a bait and switch operation” with the vaccines, according to evidence from a doctor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

MP Andrew Bridgen released a video on X (formerly Twitter) on 10 September, following his letter on vaccine-associated harms to PM Rishi Sunak on 7 August, as the evidence suggests that the Pfizer vaccines used for their trials were different to those used worldwide.

No anaphylaxis occurred during the trials, but on the second day of mass vaccinations in the UK, the MHRA changed the guidelines, introducing a 15 minute wait after vaccination in case of anaphylaxis.

Anaphylactic shock happens if there are endotoxins present, suggesting that the vaccine rolled out was not manufactured to the same standard as the one that gained medical approval, thus violating informed consent.

McCullough: Covid shots “not safe for human use”

Covid-19 vaccines “are not safe for human use,” expert cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough warned the European Parliament on 13 September.

Covid vaccines, not Covid itself, are causing “this enormous wave of illnesses”

Peter McCullough
Peter McCullough issued a sobering warning to the European Parliament (Credit: Courageous Discourse via YouTube)

“It was the worst idea ever to install the genetic code by injection and allow the unbridled production of a potentially lethal protein in the human body for an uncontrolled duration of time,” he said.

No study shows that the mRNA protein can be broken down or leave the body because it is “made synthetically”.

“The spike protein is proven in 3,400 peer-reviewed manuscripts to cause… cardiovascular disease… neurologic disease… blood clots like we’ve never seen before… [and] immunologic abnormalities.”

If a person has myocarditis, “whether symptomatic or not”, cardiology guidelines prohibit athletic exertion to avoid a cardiac arrest. However, “we have seen a montage of cardiac arrests in young individuals [post-vaccine].”

Covid vaccines, not Covid itself, are causing “this enormous wave of illnesses”, he added.

Graphene oxide used to make jabs, Pfizer confirms

Graphene oxide (GO) was used to manufacture Pfizer jabs, a document from the vaccine company reveals. Thus GO could potentially enter the finished vaccine, contrary to claims by fact-checkers and Pfizer itself.

Graphene nanobots, “miniscule robots” which are “crafted from… graphene”, have potentially beneficial functions including tissue repair. However, concerns have been raised about “intentional manipulation or unintended side effects” as they interact with a person’s cells, tissues and DNA, according to The Exposé.

This confirms work by nanotechnology specialist Dr Philippe van Welbergen, who demonstrated the possibility of vaccine ‘shedding’. In 2021 he released images showing graphene in the blood of a child whose parents were vaccinated, which were printed in this paper along with his earlier blood slides showing what turned out to be graphene formations in vaccinated blood (see HEART Aug/Sept 2021 and Dec 2021/Jan 2022).

Patients ‘euthanised’ to inflate death count

NHS staff were ordered to let patients die to increase the Covid-19 death counts, a whistle-blower has claimed.

‘Dr John’, who remains anonymous and worked in a primary care role during the pandemic, has criticised changes in care policies during that time. He “confirmed that the little care given throughout the pandemic amounted to negligence and that the Government and NHS bosses essentially instructed staff to… kill [patients] through the ‘End of Life Care’ programme and falsely label the deaths as being due to Covid-19,” according to The Exposé (August 2023). In April 2018, 1.9 million people attended A and E, but in April 2020, during lockdown, the figure was just over 900,000.

The Exposé reports that Dr John’s evidence is backed up by the so-called ‘Death document’, published in April 2020 by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, which “instruct[ed] doctors to treat Covid-19 patients… with Midalozam, a drug that affects the respiratory system.” This is being investigated by lawyer Clare Wills Harrison.

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