A cancer expert has said that the mRNA technology used in the Covid injections should be banned.

Oncology professor Dr Angus Dalgleish claims that Pfizer lied about their experimental mRNA injection, and tried to hide data showing that it was unsafe for the public.

Speaking on Talk TV ‘Weekend Breakfast’ on 6 April, Prof Dalgleish said that Pfizer tried to hide VAERS (the US’s Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) data which showed that you had a three per cent chance of dying from an adverse reaction to the vaccine but only a one per chance of dying from the virus.

Prof Dalgleish explained that MRNA technology suppresses the immune system and should not be used for infectious disease vaccines and that the board of Pfizer should be held to account.

“You must banish all these vaccines now because they’re doing so much damage… They should never be used for infectious disease vaccines, and you have Moderna and Pfizer and all these companies pushing them. It should be banned.”

Previously Prof Dalgleish has said that the excess deaths started with the vaccine programme, not with Covid. He has also stated that the current high incidents of cancer cases are highly likely to occur as a result of the ‘so-called’ Covid-19 vaccines.

Presenter David Bull summed up the interview by stating that safety protocols were waived to expedite the vaccine, with which Dr Dalgleish concurred. “The whole board—CEO, everybody—should be held to account for this… It should never even have been given an emergency licence.”

GMO jabs

Australian barrister Julian Gillespie has discovered that the Covid injections are, in fact, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) products which would never have been accepted as vaccines or granted emergency use approval.

Gillespie has given interviews to Dr John Campbell, the nursing professor whose YouTube broadcasts have around 2 million viewers, about his legal research and attempts to bring lawsuits against the Australian health authorities.

The WHO’s threat to sovereignty

As the deadline loomed for the signing of the WHO’s New Pandemic Treaty (NPT) and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), questions were being asked about the potential surrender of sovereignty in Parliament.

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman declared in the Commons in May that Britain should not surrender sovereignty to an outside organisation, while Lord Strathcarron, speaking in the Lords on 7 May, questioned the WHO’s “woeful performance in the Covid pandemic” and asked the Government to delay the votes until the next World Health Authority meeting so that they could have “proper parliamentary scrutiny of what the Government are signing us up to”.

Lord Markham, speaking for the Government, however, could not see a reason to delay signing up.

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