The dangers of 5G have been warned about by, among others, a former Royal Navy microwave weapons expert and MI5 scientist

Radiation expert Dr Barrie Trower
Radiation expert Dr Barrie Trower

Dr Barrie Trower, a former Royal Navy microwave weapons expert and MI5 scientist, has said that 5G is a “particularly dangerous frequency because of its high resonance”, and is “mathematically so complex nobody can actually predict its harm.”

Trower said that the upper end of the scale of microwaves used by 5G is very close to the frequency used by a new electromagnetic military weapon, nicknamed the ‘Growler’. This sends frequencies from aeroplanes or vehicles that very quickly destroy the body’s neurological and physiological systems.

It is “absolute rubbish” to claim that 5G’s power is different to the Growler’s, Trower said, because “with all microwaves a long low dose can be equally, even more dangerous, than a short high dose.”


Moreover, he declares: “Anyone who puts 5G into a school should be locked up.”


Retired GP Dr Alistair Montgomery listened to a seminar on 5G from the Live Better Group in Northern Ireland

I have heard more scientific presentations on the history of EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) radiation and the science behind it, but the presenter did recommend two books though which would be worth reading: ‘EMF-*D’ by Dr Joseph Mercola and ‘Radiation Nation’ by David T Debaum and Ryan P Debaum. My take-home messages from the two plus hours were:

  • EMF is everywhere and can cause depression, fatigue, cancer, lower immunity to infection, and many other illnesses through cell toxicity and mitochondrial health.
  • The onus is on us to protect ourselves.
  • The safety standards for EMF radiation were set in 1996 based on studies done in the 1980s when mobile phones were using G1 (Generation 1) and G2 and their power output was a fraction of what they are now.
  • The industry has not carried out any safety studies on the effect of 5G.
  • Modern cell phones like the iPhone 11 and Samsung G8 are emitting radiation 400-500 times (iPhone 7.15 watts/kilo, Samsung 8 watts/kilo) higher than the recommended rate of 1.6 watts/kilo (this is “Specific Absorption Rate), which was based on exposure to a human whose head size was in the top 3% – so bears no relation to the average human or a child.
  • He showed scans of the brain heating up when a mobile phone was held to the head of an adult, child, and young child – a child’s skull is much thinner than an adult’s, so heat penetrates deeper.
  • In China pregnant women are encouraged to wear protective EMF aprons, France bans wi-fi in primary schools, and the WHO classifies EMF as a class 2 carcinogen risk, along with tobacco. In Israel cell phones come with a warning that they can damage children’s health.
  • He claims children using cell phones have a 400% higher risk of brain tumours and leukaemia and EMF exposure in pregnancy causes reduced fetal head and chest size. No references were given, although a fact sheet was going to be sent out.
  • EMF is everywhere, in mobile phones, cordless home phones, microwave ovens, smart meters, smart watches, Alexa and any Bluetooth device, fridges, electric blankets, baby monitors, fluorescent light bulbs, smart TV’s. Your fridge is one of the biggest EMF emitters in your home.
  • 5G is in a different league and should be resisted. Apparently, with G1 it would take four months and 27 hours to download a Star Wars film; 5G would take 1.5 seconds.
  • 5G also brings the capability of the State to monitor everyone’s movements and purchases, identify them using facial recognition and control them through central digital currency and social credit scores as in China.
  • The link between 5G and Covid is speculative, but if the immune system was weakened by 5G then you would be more susceptible to becoming ill on exposure to a virus. Wuhan had a high 5G coverage which may have weakened the population’s immunity.
  • Elon Musk wants to put thousands of 5G satellites into orbit that will ‘fry’ us.
  • Protecting oneself is through reducing your exposure time and increasing the distance between you and a source. The power falls off as the inverse square of the distance. He advises hard-wiring your house with ethernet cables, and turning off wi-fi (and keep your router in a different room to your bedroom). You can get USB to ethernet cables for laptops without an RJ45 socket. Put your phone on aeroplane mode overnight.

The seminar ended with some expensive products for sale that could, in theory, protect you from EMFs. However, there was only anecdotal evidence for their effectiveness!


Citizens’ action groups are campaigning against having 5G masts put up in their area. For 5G to work, there need to be masts every 500 metres.

Two towns in Massachusetts have blocked the installation of 5G cell towers until independent research has confirmed the new high-powered technology is safe. The US’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not acted on court orders issued in 2019 and 2021 to review its health and safety guidelines for RF (radiofrequency) exposure. In the 2019 ruling, the FCC was told to follow the National Environmental Policy Act guidelines and conduct an environmental impact review on 5G technology, and the court issued a fresh mandate in 2021 that requires the FCC to review all the scientific evidence about the safety of RF radiation on people and the environment.

The rulings follow a challenge by the non-profit Children’s Health Defense after the FCC had refused to update its safety guidelines issued in 1996.

In the UK, 5G Action groups connect via Facebook and advise on applications for masts so that residents can oppose them.



By Dr Alistair Montgomery

Dr John Campbell, the professor of nursing whose regular 10-minute video bulletins attract over two million subscribers, quotes the Daily Mirror where from May-December 2022 there were 32,441 excess deaths (non-Covid) among the “Brits”.

The figure from the ONS (Office for National Statistics) for the week ending 21 April (week 16) is 14,024 deaths which was 22.1% above the national five-year average.

On 28 April (week 17), the figure fell to 13,690 which was 12.9% above the five-year average.

According to the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, these excess deaths were across ALL age groups: 0-24, 25-49, 50-64, 65-74 and 75-84. The question that has to be asked is why death rates increase in the younger and young working age groups. It was not because they were not taking their statins!

The causes for these deaths were increased in cerebrovascular, ischaemic heart, heart failure and liver disease. Cancer was unchanged.

We know the spike proteins (produced by the vaccine) can have devastating effects on clotting, vascular damage, heart muscle damage and have been associated with liver disease.

An article by Dr Alistair Montgomery was published in the Dec/Jan 2022-23 paper


MP Andrew Bridgen led an adjournment debate in Parliament on 17 March on vaccine harms, deaths and costs.

Andrew Bridgen
Andrew Bridgen MP speaking about vaccine damage to a near-empty House of Commons (Credit: Screenshot)

Although expelled from the Conservative Party for likening the damage from the Covid injections to the Holocaust, he has continued to voice his concerns over the current excess death rates and those whose post-vaccination suffering is not being publicised.

Bridgen asked the House why more is not being done in the UK to investigate and publicise the adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines that have made billions for ‘Big Pharma’. He quoted the unprecedented levels of Yellow Card reports (the updates of which will no longer be publicly reported) and the 63,000 excess deaths in the last 12 months in England and Wales.

One in 800 vaccine boosted people face death or serious injury and to prevent just one healthy 30 to 39-year-old being hospitalised from Covid-19 it costs over £9m.

To prevent one person being seriously hospitalised from Covid, a disproportionate number need to be boosted, and at the end of March 2023, the total vaccine funding was budgeted for £8.3 billion. The final cost to the taxpayer of the Government’s efforts to purchase and deploy vaccines is uncertain.

After being expelled from the Conservative Party on 12 April he has joined the Reclaim Party founded by Laurence Fox. Bridgen said that he has not lost his conservative values but finds the current Conservative Party has lost its way and is completely unrecognisable.

Bridgen believes that he will be vindicated as further evidence emerges about the harms, lack of safety and efficacy of the Covid jabs.

Australian government sued by vaccine injured

Over 500 people injured by the Covid-19 vaccines are suing the Australian government for negligence, breaching statutory duty and malfeasance in public office.

Dr Melissa McCann organised the class action lawsuit through crowdfunding, claiming the current Covid-19 vaccination compensation scheme is not fit for purpose. One plaintiff, Tracey Bettridge, is in constant pain from transverse myelitis after receiving an mRNA booster. Her neurologist reported the vaccine injury, but she has had no contact from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.