Dr David E Martin addresses attendees about the web of deception (Credit: Sonia Elijah/X)

Top doctors travelled to Britain to voice their Covid concerns

Sonia Elijah
Sonia Elijah has a background in Economics. A former BBC researcher, she now works as an investigative journalist. See Sonia Elijah Investigates at Substack. (Credit: Sonia Elijah)

Six world leading scientists and medical professionals presented their expert testimonies on the Covid pandemic and its consequences to a packed room in Parliament.

Over 20 MPs attended the event hosted by ex-Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, whose solitary voice has been ‘crying in the wilderness’ about Covid-19 vaccine injuries and excess deaths, while other ‘Honourable Members’ have remained deafeningly silent.

In October, Bridgen secured a 30-minute adjourned debate (after 20 rejections – reported in the last issue of this paper) on excess deaths in the UK House of Commons, to an almost empty chamber, and another on 16 January, when more facts were presented.

Experts who came to testify in Parliament on 4 December included: Dr David E Martin (scientist and adviser to corporations including the World Bank), Dr Robert Malone (scientist and specialist in mRNA, US), Dr Ryan Cole (pathologist, US), Dr Pierre Kory (respiratory specialist, Canada), Prof Angus Dalgleish (oncologist and infectious diseases specialist, London), and Steve Kirsch (US businessman and philanthropic supporter of medical research, whom Wikipedia calls a “promoter of misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines”).

All have risked their reputations to warn the public about the steps being taken in the name of ‘health’ in the past three years.

The perpetrators acting as the World Health Organisation have absolute immunity

Unfortunately, video addresses by Dr Mike Yeadon (former Pfizer Vice President of respiratory section, UK) and Dr Peter McCullough (highly cited cardio-renal specialist, US) were not possible due to unforeseen technical issues in the UK Government office building. Also, no live streaming or official recording of the event was allowed.

Dr David E Martin, PhD, was first to speak about the web of deception by governments, corporations, and regulators that led to the Covid-19 pandemic and how they built immunity from prosecution for themselves.

He said: “You have to remember that in 1944, and [this was] finalised in 1947, the perpetrators acting as the World Health Organisation have absolute immunity.

I’ve tried to point this out. You cannot file charges – it’s not a legal thing to do… I’ve said this many times, if you fight a battle on the day of your enemy’s choosing, on the field of their choosing, with the artillery of their choosing – there’s a high probability you’ll lose.

The web of deception by governments, corporations, and regulators that led to the Covid-19 pandemic

“The problem is, we have a number of legal efforts that have unfortunately flown into the buzz-saw of the immunity that these people built for themselves.

Dr Ryan Cole
Dr Ryan Cole presents evidence of cancer rates and vaccine contamination (Credit: Sonia Elijah/X)

This is why I’ve said that the anti-trust case is the only silver bullet we have globally because it precedes all the other crimes and is not exempt under the WHO’s treaty. I’ve been around tons and tons of people, who say ‘Yes, but there’s fraud’ – all of that is true, but it’s 100 per cent un-prosecutable.”

Dr Pierre Kory, ICU doctor and president of the FLCCC (Front-line Covid-1 Critical Care) presented an excellent  summary on the ‘war’ (through suppression and sabotage) of two much-maligned treatments against early Covid: ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Dr Ryan Cole, MD and pathologist, presented a comprehensive summary of the published scientific literature showing harms from the toxic lipid nanoparticles and synthetic RNA found in the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines. He shared the shocking fact that cancer rates have skyrocketed throughout the world, post mRNA vaccine rollout.

Cole also highlighted how the mRNA shots are contaminated “with hundreds of billions of copies of DNA in every lab around the world tested so far” and “sequences of a monkey virus [SV40].” He discussed how DNA contamination increases the risk of insertional mutagenesis and cancer, which is stated in Moderna’s own patent.

Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology (not the synthetic kind) and vaccine expert, spoke about the weaponising of pathogens, the part played by the bio-defence industrial complex, and the many lies told from the beginning of the pandemic by governments and health authorities around the world.

A failure to provide respect for humans in not allowing them to have informed consent

Dr Robert Malone
Dr Malone: “I come to you with one request – open the books! Let’s see the data” (Credit: Sonia Elijah/X)

Importantly, he discussed bioethics and how human beings have the right to informed consent: “There was a concerted effort to justify the imposition of this [modified RNA gene therapy] technology in a rapid fashion on the basis that there was this 3.4 per cent case fatality rate associated with this virus (when in reality it was close to 0.02 per cent which was known from the first quarter of 2020).

“What transpired in that rush was a fundamental breach in both ethics and regulatory norms that have been developed over decades. Human beings have the right to informed consent and what was done here, in a haphazard way, under the justification that we had to reject the norms that had been developed over decades, both for assuring vaccine safety and for assuring informed consent of patients – all had to be jettisoned at short notice because of a threat of a 3.4 per cent case fatality rate and the need to move a counter-measure forward, without the due process that would normally take place.”

Dr Malone concluded his speech by explaining: “What we have here is a rushed product, a rushed technology. A failure to provide respect for humans in not allowing them to have informed consent.

And furthermore, actively deploying the most massive propaganda campaign in the history of the modern world, to suppress the ability of the public to gain access – merely to have the knowledge – of what the adverse event risks are.

“I come to you with one request: open the books! Let’s see the data and let’s allow the data to be examined so we can actually get to the bottom of the most important question the world is facing: were these products actually safe and effective?”

“As an oncologist, I am seeing people with stable cancer rapidly relapse after a Covid-19 booster”

Prof Angus Dalgleish, Consultant Medical Oncologist and professor of oncology at St George’s, University of London, shared how the Covid vaccine boosters are directly associated with excess deaths seen around the world.

Prof Dalgleish stated: “As an oncologist I am seeing people with stable cancer rapidly relapse after a Covid-19 booster.”

He went on to stress how “You are more likely to suffer from serious adverse events from an mRNA jab than be hospitalised from Covid.”

Last to speak was Steve Kirsch, founder of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund and the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. Like Dr Malone, he also called for the books to be opened. In particular, he questioned why the UK’s ONS (Office of National Statistics) is hiding the vaccine mortality data.

Cancer rates have skyrocketed post mRNA vaccine rollout

Kirsch went on to discuss the Covid vaccine mortality data connected to specific Covid-19 vaccine batches, recently disclosed by New Zealand Ministry of Health employee-turned-whistleblower, Barry Young, who has since been arrested by New Zealand authorities for exposing the truth.

He also presented alarming death estimates from the Covid shots – 13 million people worldwide.

He questioned why the ONS is hiding the vaccine mortality data

In the days leading up to the 4 December event, The Mirror described this elite group of experts with their superior level of scientific and medical knowledge as “a string of discredited Covid conspiracy theorists.”


Ian Paisley, Sammy Wilson, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, Paul Girvan, Carla Lockhart, David Davis, Sir Desmond Swayne (who left after the first few minutes), Jonathan Lord, Heather Wheeler, David Jones, Philip Hollobone, Neale Hanvey, Duncan Baker, Sir Christopher Chope, Sir George Howarth, Sir John Redwood, Ben Lake, Sir Robert Syms, Dean Russell, Sir Geoffrey CliftonBrown and Karl McCartney.

Jeremy Hunt
Credit: Wikicommons


Jeremy Hunt, currently Chancellor but also a former Health Secretary, says that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will speed up vaccine development.

Vaccines in a month?

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt anticipates another pandemic. Speaking at the WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos in January while seated next to Pfizer boss Alfred Bourla, Hunt said: “When we have the next pandemic, we don’t want to have a year before we get the vaccine and if AI can shrink the time it takes to get that vaccine to a month, then that is a massive step forward for humanity.”


We are reprinting this prayer that first appeared in the paper in April 2022, along with a testimony of a woman healed from side-effects of the Pfizer vaccine, and it is still on our website. The prayer came to David Tidy, director of Prayer Warriors International, early one morning in May 2021, shortly after the Covid vaccines had been launched.

Father, I am sorry not to have trusted you fully regarding my spirit, soul, body, and my future.

I am sorry that I have responded to the world’s manipulations. I felt it right at the time but I have now come into further revelation knowing that it was not from you.

I am now aware that I have in my body something that is contrary to your created immune system given to me when born; for this I am truly sorry.

I now recommit my spirit, soul and body to you in Jesus’ name.

In your name I now take authority over and cancel all negative effects from these jabs and loose myself from all future repercussions from them. I speak to my immune system to take back control of my spirit, soul and bodily protection as ordained by God.

I ask you Lord, if you would be generous in your unfailing grace and restore what has been stolen from me, that I may serve you fully with all that I am.

I declare that my spirit, body and soul will be healed and restored according to Psalm 91:5-11 in Jesus’ name.

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