The European Parliament and Member States reached an agreement on the introduction of digital identity on 8 November. Dutch MEP Rob Roos tweeted: “Very bad news. The European Parliament and Member States just reached an agreement on introducing the digital identity.”

Roos also quoted EU Commissioner Breton who had said: “Now that we have a Digital Identity Wallet, we have to put something in it…”, suggesting a connection between a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and eID (electronic identification).

Roos added: “But it is not too late yet. Parliament still has to vote about this.”

German economist Richard Werner (Click here to see previous article), stated: “The final stage of CBDCs is small and is the size of a grain of rice. In 2017 Bill Gates said that universal basic income is a good idea but it is too early to introduce it. Now what was still missing? … What was missing was the digital ID hadn’t been introduced.”

The European Conservative reported that the agreement was pushed through despite over 500 privacy and cybersecurity experts from 39 countries signing a letter strongly warning about respecting citizens’ right to privacy


Prof Jordan Peterson
Credit: YouTube/Arc)

Prof Jordan Peterson, left – with speakers John Anderson (former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia), Ayaan Hirsi Ali (former Dutch politician and Islam critic) and Os Guinness (author and theologian) – launched the ARC (Alliance for Responsible Citizenship) in London on 30 October. His co-founder is Baroness Philippa Stroud, a member of the House of Lords and leader of conservative think tanks.

Billed as an anti-WEF alliance, guests at the three-day invitation only conference included some who were well known as being anti-lockdown, but other guests, such as Cabinet Minister Michael Gove, raised eyebrows.

The core concerns of ARC included family, social fabric, population, affordable energy, environmental care, free enterprise and good governance. Invited speakers were pro-traditional values, pro-family autonomy and pro-faith.

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