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  • “Grain of rice” under skin will be your wallet

  • Central banks preparing for Universal Basic Income

  • Digital currency “should be seen as a control system”

A mandatory chip under the skin may soon be implemented by central banks.

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Prof Richard Werner, the economist who invented quantitative easing, says central banks are using recent crises and unemployment rates to prepare people for universal basic income, which would ultimately be administered via a microchip.

The microchip is the preferred technology of the banks, who are working across the world to bring in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). This is programmable money whereby the user’s ability to buy and sell is subject to having the provider’s permission.

Werner, an economist with an Oxford PhD and a professing Christian, was told by a central banker that the “ultimate goal” is to use a chip under the skin, “like a small grain of rice”, to administer the forthcoming CBDCs. Initially, CBDCs will likely be used via smartphone apps.

“You will get 2,000 Euros into your account every month. But of course, to run this efficiently [they’ll say:] ‘We need to use the latest technology, so you need the CBDC chip implant’.”

“CBDCs are a totalitarian control tool rather than a currency”

Control system

In an interview with commentator Ivor Cummings on 7 July, Prof Werner said that CBDCs should be seen “as a control system” rather than a currency: “It’s a conditional currency based on you actually getting [a] permit.”

He noted that those who criticise government policy may find that their CBDC ceases to work. In China for instance, “There [are] plenty of videos where somebody tries to use [their digital currency] to buy a ticket and it doesn’t work because his social credit scores are low.”

A wealth management advisor told HEART: “For the first time in history, the technology now exists to make a reality the economic system many see described in Revelation 13, whereby you can only buy and sell with a specific mark. Both CBDCs and digital IDs are planned for global roll-out within the next two to five years.


“Once implemented, CBDCs will quickly lead to a genui ely cashless society, where central government will have control over not only what you spend (how much, when and where) but also how much you can hold. And you won’t be able to spend any money or go anywhere without a digital ID linked to your social credit score, carbon footprint and vaccine status.”

Creating inflation

Prof Richard Werner
Prof Richard Werner is warning that CBDCs will lead to “a Soviet-style economy with only one bank” (credit

Prof Werner maintains that the Federal Reserve and other central banks “intentionally created” inflation in March 2020, aiming to “cover up… the disintegration of the petrodollar and move to the new [CBDC-based] system.” They deliberately used Werner’s proposal of quantitative easing, which was intended for dealing with a shrinking economy, and applied it to create inflation by “[buying] up assets from non-banks [and] forcing banks to create credit”, according to The Exposé.

Werner says that before the Covid crisis, the asset manager BlackRock had already proposed to create inflation using Werner’s method at the annual central bankers’ conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. BlackRock was subsequently hired by the Federal Reserve to buy up assets in 2020.

Soviet-style economy

CBDCs will lead to “a Soviet-style economy with only one bank”, Werner claims. “It just takes another bank run, such as in the case of Silicon ValleyBank, and all deposits will be shifted to the central bank, driving [small] banks out of business.”

Prof Werner also warns against the “agenda” that wants to introduce CBDCs. In a March 2023 blog he wrote: “Central planning crushes the human spirit…we need to ensure we have… many small banks. It is time to stop the ongoing push towards concentrated banking systems, which can only serve the agenda to introduce… CBDCs, which are ‘programmable’ and a totalitarian control tool rather than a currency.”

The wealth management advisor also told HEART: “Governments and central banks are not hiding their plans to implement CBDCs and digital IDs (both underpinned by blockchain technology), both of which are central to the WEF’s (World Economic Forum) planned Great Reset.”

WEF director Klaus Schwab said in July 2020, four months after lockdowns had ensured millions were being paid not to work: “There will be no return to the old normal – to imagine that this is the case is pure fiction.”

This expectation is reflected in the British Government’s 2021 Integrated Review which planned for the “post-Covid international order”.

Covid boosted digital payments, finance and ID

The World Bank, which is working hard to reach the 1.4 billion people who remain “unbanked”, reports that Covid-19 boosted the adoption of digital financial services and that “integration of digital ID and digital payments and trusted data sharing platforms are critical for serving the poor at scale and connecting communities to opportunities,” according to an article in July 2021 by Christine Zhenwei Qiang, the Bank’s Global Director for Digital Development Global Practice.

The gender gap in account ownership had also shrunk, narrowing from 9 to 6 percentage points in developing countries. The data now find that 74 per cent of men but only 68 per cent of women in developing economies had an account.

War on cash

Nigel Farage fears that there is an “all out war on cash” to push people towards digital payments. On GB News he said that plans were afoot for a CBDC to be installed by 2030 and added: “Don’t kill cash. Cash brings us freedom. State control of our money will be a complete and utter disaster.”

He said that he had been contacted by “hundreds” of people such as window cleaners who had had accounts closed because they dealt in cash.

Could repentance stave off disaster?

Turning from wickedness and back to God might stave off ruinous times
Turning from wickedness and back to God might stave off ruinous times (credit: Highland Church, Tennessee )

It has been prophesied that an alternative financial system might arise alongside the attempt to bring in a cashless society. Another prophecy from Chris Wickland of Living Word Network this June warned the Church that they had one and a half years to prepare for an economic crash when the UK property market collapses.

Such a crisis could hasten the introduction of a CBDC.

The wealth management advisor previously quoted is not optimistic about an alternative financial system surviving beyond the early stages of CBDCs. As a Christian, he told HEART: “My advice is summarised in Isaiah 55:6!” This verse emphasises forsaking wickedness and returning to God.

For over ten years Dr Clifford Hill, the well-known prophetic teacher, wrote a regular column for this paper in which he highlighted the abandonment of Judeo-Christian ethics that would lead to God’s judgement on the nation. He urged Christians to repent of compromise, passivity and worldliness.

Now, at 96, he sees revival coming – but believes it will not be until his grandchildren’s time, which rather implies that the threats against our Western freedoms could yet be postponed through repentance, prayer and fasting.

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