Nigel Farage

Mainstream politicians such as Nigel Farage are now publicly sounding the alarm about the sweeping powers the World Health Organisation intends to seize in May if nations do not opt out

Politicians have been outspoken about the worldwide threat embodied in the World Health Organisation’s plans.

This May, unless nations opt out of membership, the WHO will grant itself powers to override national governments in the name of health or environmental concerns.

Former US congresswoman and Christian Michele Bachmann
Former US congresswoman and Christian Michele Bachmann

Nigel Farage says that the proposed treaty would give the WHO powers to impose lockdowns, forced vaccinations and take away individuals’ freedom.

Robert F Kennedy Jr
Robert F Kennedy Jr, who is standing as an independent US presidential candidate in 2024

The WHO’s highest individual donor is tech billionaire Bill Gates, which has gained him his own seat in the WHO, but former US congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, who is a Christian, has accused Gates of a “dictatorial power grab” through the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty. In an interview she said: “Bill Gates is attempting “the greatest grab of power in 5,000 years of recorded human history. Once the deed is done in May, if in fact it does get done, it will change our lives completely going forward”.

WHO assembly in NYC 2023
WHO assembly in NYC 2023 discussing ‘pandemic preparedness’

Kennedy says: “He gets tax deductions for giving money to the WHO, then he gains control of the WHO. The WHO finances the health ministries in virtually every country in Africa, so he can say, as a condition of getting that money — this is what the WHO does — you have to show that you vaccinated a certain percentage of your population. And the vaccines that they’re buying are owned by companies that Gates owns.”

Michele Bachmann’s interview is at:

A Swiss lawyer explained how the WHO’s planned power grab works at a meeting in Parliament hosted by MP Andrew Bridgen. Christian Hacking was at the invitation-only event

Packed to the rafters and guarded by half a dozen police officers, there is hardly a dull moment in an Andrew Bridgen meeting.

The former Conservative MP’s meeting on the World Health Organisation’s forthcoming bid for global power brought together three eminent professionals in law, health and politics for two and a half hours.

WHO-planned power grabs, hazardous biohubs, gain of function viruses and lethal jabs were all on the menu, accompanied by plenty of slides. If democracy is dying, its pulse was beating strongly in this committee room, infusing all with a strange mix of doom and hope.

Perhaps the most moving scene of the night was a round of applause offered to Tony — one of the millions of people injured as a result of the vaccine. With stick in hand and a motorised chair nearby, I watched as he whipped away a tear from under his glasses.

“Loss of economic basis, loss of health, loss of freedom and loss of rule of law”

The key speaker was Swiss lawyer Philip Kruse. Disturbed by the events of 2020, he parked his commercial and tax practice in order to take up a number of private court proceedings on behalf of the vaccine-injured and others affected by what he saw as “an abuse of state power”.

Finding that all Covid 19 crisis management policies had their origins with the unelected international health body, the WHO, also based in Switzerland, he committed himself to becoming expert in their procedures. The WHO is fielding a two-pronged attack on national sovereignty, using two separate instruments: the New Pandemic Treaty (NPT) and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

Although there is significant overlap between these two long, wordy and deliberately confusing documents, he majored on the IHR amendments due to their “huge, hidden and disruptive” effects on member nations. These IHR amendments would lead to “loss of economic basis, loss of health, loss of freedom and loss of rule of law”.

Kruse clearly exposed the devil in the detail; these instruments will enable the WHO to decree that a disease is a pandemic, not just in the case of another deadly home-baked pathogen, but, most crucially, under the new and vastly more dubious pretence of ‘One health’. Article 5 of the New Pandemic Treaty defines ‘One health’ as “the drivers of pandemics such as climate change, biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, and increased risks of the human-animal, environmental interference due to human activities”.

According to Kruse, these two instruments, if successful, will also turn current recommendations into legally binding requirements for the signatory nations, allowing for example, the WHO to enforce ‘vaccines’, ‘vaccine’ passports, and censor the “facts” online. Kruse was at pains to point out that this rides roughshod over numerous international post-war charters which protected our freedoms.

To name just three aspects:

  • 1. The right of nations to rule themselves (1946)
  • 2. The rights of individuals to be free (1946); and perhaps the most sinister
  • 3. The 1966 Nuremberg Code protected citizens from being “subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without his or her voluntary consent”.

Both are due to be voted on at the 77th World Health Assembly this May. Kruse argues that nations need to both refuse to vote and issue a notice of rejection within ten months of May or else be snared in this deceptive attack on democracy.

The chances of the UK doing this seem small. In response to a 116,000 plus Government petition in July 2023, raising concerns over this amendment, the Government simply stated: “We support targeted IHR amendments to ensure a suitable global framework to respond to international spread of disease”.

But why are the WHO proposing two instruments that achieve the same ends? Bridgen himself answered this in one sentence midway through the event: “They have two horses in the race and they don’t care which wins!”

This rides roughshod over numerous post-war charters

Up next was Dr Meryl Nass, a doctor of 40 years from Maine, USA, who lost her licence in January 2022 for continuing to prescribe and defend the use of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as legitimate treatments for Covid. Her explosive slides focused broadly on the WHO’s antics but more specifically on ‘biohubs’. These heavily regulated labs, like the Wuhan lab (there is evidence that Covid “escaped” from it), isolate, handle, modify, and transfer dangerous pathogens.

Nass highlighted that in the US there have been over “200 accidents” in such labs in recent years. This is concerning, because the WHO plans to increase the number of such biohubs across the world. Nass believes that such hubs, combined with the inevitable incidence of human error, will enable the WHO to flex their converted powers and close down countries at will.

She believes that the UK, with the likes of Hancock, Blair and Brown (all World Economic Forum alumni) previously in powerful positions, has been under the WHO’s control and that Africa is the real target of these hubs.

Finally, German MEP Christine Andersen gave an evocative speech in which she lamented the return of fascism — what she referred to as the “globalist lockstep of building back better”. She also took a show of hands of “purebloods”, commending their courage for refusing the vaccine (sorry, Tony) and cited a new study which calculates that the total number of vaccine deaths could be as high as 17 million people internationally (so around 0.3% of the fully vaccinated).

Questions from the floor were sharp, insightful, and far-reaching. Bridgen rounded off the meeting, lamenting the lack of debates on excess deaths and urged the UK to “withdraw and defund the WHO” with immediate effect.

To hear an interview with lawyer Philip Kruse explaining the New Pandemic Treaty or the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), go to Sonia Elijah’s Substack


  • Worldwide, there are 51 Biosafety level 4 labs in 27 countries.
  • According to the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, there have been as many as 400 “potential release events” of “select agents” in the last seven years.
  • Eighteen BSL4 labs are due to open in the next few years, most in Asian countries such as India and the Philippines.
  • The WHO openly advertises their biohub system, which they say “will offer a reliable, safe, and transparent mechanism for WHO member states to voluntarily share novel biological materials, without replacing or competing with existing systems”. It is currently in the testing phase in Egypt, El Salvador, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand and the UK.

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Christian Hacking is a pro-life activist and writer. He is currently the public engagement officer for CBR UK and has written extensively on the links between the vaccine, abortion and global population trends. He lives in London with his wife, three children and their two goats.