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HEART newspaper: Heart Publications | April 24, 2019

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Prayer won’t Costa lot

Prayer won’t Costa lot

A branch of Costa Coffee is adding an optional weekly shot of prayer to the curative effect of coffee.

Brighton’s Bethesda Healing Rooms team can be found in a corner of a local Costa every Friday morning from 10.30 to noon.

Retired professor Dr Rodney Shotter, who founded the team, says, “We’ll be there to pray with those who seek healing, whether it be physical, emotional or relational.”

Rodney, who has previously featured in this paper with his team of praying Christians, is a doctor of biological sciences who worked in Tanzania and Nigeria.

He opened The Bethesda Healing Rooms in 2012, with a trained team in Brighton’s URC Church, Lewes Road. A registered charity, it is one of a network of over 100 healing rooms nationally and 1,000 internationally.

“The team has witnessed God healing a number of people, either over time or instantly,” Rodney reports. “Tumours have disappeared from the brain, in one case immediately, restoring good eyesight, and we’ve known migraines cured, hearing improved, and happy marital relationships regained.”