Financial famine in 14 months’ time?

This prophetic message about the collapse of the housing market was shared by Pastor Chris Wickland of Living Word Church Network, Hampshire on 21 June 2023. It is not the first warning that Pastor Chris has shared; on the basis of preparing like Joseph did in the Bible, he was led to farm an acre of land with his church to provide for the community (see HEART April/May, Aug/Sept, and Oct/Nov 2022).

We offer this message for readers to consider prayerfully

Hosea 4:6 says: “My people perish for lack of knowledge…”

I need you to understand, my Church, that I first of all love you with such a tender love, such a passionate love, such a jealous and consuming love. You are the apple of my eye and I am devoted to you, my Church.

I bring you this message as a warning for you to be ready, to beware and be forearmed for what is coming. My people have grown dull to my words in these days. I have sent warnings and signs and they have been missed by my own people as nothing but mere coincidence.

Sadly, your years of plenty are over and the famine is now beginning to take the land slowly but surely

Pastor Chris Wickland
Pastor Chris Wickland

My people, I love you, but you have become hard of hearing and dull of heart. So that in seeing you no longer see, in hearing you do not always hear and in perceiving your heart has become dull. I am left with little choice but to spell this out to you my people in a way that you can see, hear and perceive.

You live in the land of the United Kingdom, a land that is now under the shadow of my chastisement. All that can be shaken will be shaken, but you, my Church, are of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

I do not want my people to be swept away by what is coming. NO! I want her to stand strong in the days ahead and be a lighthouse to the nations, to the Gentiles, a lighthouse to your communities and your neighbours.

My lovely people, my bride to be, hear me. I am about to pull the ‘Jenga Block’ on your economy that will bring it all crashing down. Your nation has become rebellious, fat, proud and has turned her back on me. She has passed ordinances, statutes and decrees that are in violation to my own. I have given this land time to repent but she has not done so, rather she has hardened her heart toward me even more.

Therefore, my people, I give you a stark warning. You have the remainder of this year and the next to get ready and prepared for what is about to come. When my prophet Agabus gave a prophecy (Acts 11:27-30), my Church in that day heeded his warning.

I give another such warning. There is coming a financial famine the like of which has never been seen in modern history. It is a famine that will bring down the lies, filth and degradation of this nation. However, if you, my lovely people, are not ready, then you may be swept away in fear and surprise by what is coming. If you do not prepare now, then you will not be able to prepare at all.

Joseph was raised in his day to protect my people from famine. Whilst I gave years of plenty, there was time to store and fill the barns with grain. Sadly your years of plenty are over and the famine is now beginning to take the land slowly but surely.

You have one and a half years left to make preparations for what is coming ahead. You need to pray about this and test this and discern what you need to do as a community. For once the allotted time is up, it will then be too late to do any meaningful preparation.

The Jenga Block will be a keystone in your current fragile economy. I will pull the block from under the housing market and with that will come the toppling of great institutions that will usher in a great famine over this land.

Many will read this word; some will be perplexed, some worried, others will laugh and scoff whilst others will seriously pray, weigh and test. I will permit the word to go far and wide and be a wonder to many.

You live in the land of the United Kingdom, a land that is now under the shadow of my chastisement

Sadly there are many who will only heed this message when they finally see with their eyes what is written in this word, but sadly it will be too late to do anything of meaningful value.

I bring this message to you to console you my Church, to adjure you, and give you hope. If you can stand in the time of famine, then you will stand strong and my Spirit and miracles shall surely be with you. Be like Samson, do all you can with all your might and I will do the rest. In those days I will perform great miracles of provision also. So do the best you can and I will compensate for what is lacking. Remember, the name Joseph means, “I will add to that which is lacking”.

Be encouraged my people, during this famine will come a great spiritual harvest. So be ready and prepared. Be ready in the natural and ready in the spiritual.

I love you, my people, and want you to stand strong.

This message has been distilled to its key points, but the full message can be found on Chris Wickland’s YouTube channel, titled ‘The Jenga Block’, dated 21 June 2023

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