Andrew Bridgen’s courage is beyond dispute. Following his conscience, he has calle out global tyranny and cover-ups – and has been rewarded with smear campaigns.

Now the “rebel” MP who lost everything has found the secret to life. Andrew Bridgen tells Christian Hacking about the cleaners who pray for him, corrupted politics – and overcoming a demonic visitation

After Andrew Bridgen quoted a cardiologist who said that the damage done by
the ‘vaccines’ was the greatest crime against humanity since the Holocaust, the
Tory party expelled him for antisemitism and he now sits as an independent
MP. Buoyed by support from the public, he has continued to challenge the
establishment over the excess death statistics.

Yes, I think so. But I’m probably not a very good Christian. I’ve always been a Christian, but I have prayed more in the last four years than in all the rest of my life added together. I’m 60 this year.

I have prayed more in the last four years than in all the rest of my life added together

Yes, some new friends have given me a lot of support and prayer online and in person over the last couple of years and have helped me reaffirm my faith. It was always there, but it’s more in the foreground than it was, because I realised the extent of the tyranny being inflicted on the people during the Covid pandemic response.

“It’s not the politics of right and left but the politics of right and wrong, good and evil.”

We are in a spiritual war. It’s not the politics of right and left but the politics of right and wrong, good and evil. We are in a fight for humanity now!

Andrew Bridgen MP with a supporter
Andrew Bridgen MP with a supporter outside Parliament in May

Well, it hasn’t been through the established Church because when I was thrown out of the Conservative party I contacted my local vicar and spoke to her husband. I rang three times to ask if I could have a meeting and they never came back to me. They didn’t mind asking me to give a reading at the remembrance service though!

Yes, and it has generally been people of faith who have come and supported me, mostly Christians. And I’ve had friends who were very firmly agnostic at best, but who are awake to what is going on in the world now. It’s made them have faith, because when they see pure, unadulterated evil, they know there has to be a balancing force and now they know what that is.

Certainly God. I could tell you something that you could never print because they’ll think I’m mad.

I had a demonic visitation on the night of 23 December last year, shortly after midnight. I don’t know whether I was dreaming or not, but suddenly I was bouncing off the bed and everything was shaking. It felt like minus 40.

I looked across the room and there was a dark entity in the corner. I’d been told by Christian friends how to deal with spiritual attack and it just came naturally to say, “Be gone in the name of Jesus, be gone!”

After I said that three times, the whole thing dropped and the room returned to normal. I’ve never had anything like that in my life before.

The next night I wasn’t scared to go to bed. It has never happened again.

Some of the stuff that goes on in the chamber – the jeering and the heckling – feels demonic. In January 2023, I got a phone call from a young lady from the parliamentary welfare office asking me if I was suicidal. Apparently a number of people had reported me.

More recently I was in Copenhagen outside an airport when a British man walking past recognised me and started verbally abusing me, frothing at the mouth and swearing.

About six weeks ago, the same happened in London, the same person in a different city and on a street I’ve never been on before. I just can’t understand it.

I came into politics as a multi-millionaire from business. I am penniless now. I don’t own a house, I don’t even own a car. Despite 30 years of never claiming, I can’t even get car insurance.

Nevena [Andrew’s second wife and mother to their son] is divorcing me. I went to six legal firms, no one will represent me. That is how the establishment has closed ranks on me.

But do you know what? I still feel richer now than when I came into politics. These are riches the material world cannot take off me.

Even on the darkest days of the fight I’ve been on, when I walk out of parliament late at night, one of the cleaning ladies sees there is no-one in the corridor and whispers, “Andrew we are praying for you – keep going”. It’s happened so many times.

What your readers need to know is that the politicians are not the majority in parliament. There are 1000s of cooks and cleaners, waiters and waitresses, security guards and police. I promise you, they are overwhelmingly with me.

Sadly not. I understand I put a target on my wife’s back. There is no target on her back now. You also need to bear in mind that the Times is a very controlled newspaper. It’s so disappointing.

Every line of my speeches has been gone through by top scientists

Every line of my speeches has been gone through by top scientists to make sure no one can shoot holes in it. These are put in briefings and sent to The Times and others.

They ignore them, but they are quite happy to report on my private life. Ultimately, there is a little boy involved who’s five years old who will have to read this.

It’s ludicrous. My degree is in biological sciences, with biochemistry, specialising in genetics, virology, and behaviour, so I could see for myself that the science wasn’t right.

That’s rubbish – I pay every month. I won’t get these years back but I believe we will be vindicated, possibly this year.

It’s tough for my boy and for everyone but I am doing this in order to spare everyone else’s children the harm caused by unnecessary Covid vaccinations, and to protect future generations from global tyranny. That’s how I justify it to myself.

How can they be safe and effective when the vaccine they used in the trial wasn’t the one they rolled out round the world anyway? In the Pfizer trial they only followed the 22,000 vaccinated group for eight weeks and then they vaccinated the placebo group so you can never do a proper test.

The 1000s of cooks, cleaners, security guards and police in Parliament are overwhelmingly with me

They destroyed their own data. Interestingly, “safe and effective” was the marketing slogan for thalidomide.

The illusion is it’s a race between the blue, red, yellow, green, orange teams to the finish line. It’s actually a baton handed over.

On all the big issues — Agenda 2030, net zero, the forever wars, the WHO, pandemic responses – everyone agrees. The only losers at the next election are the British people once again. It’s not co-operation but capitulation and a betrayal of the trust that has been placed in elected officials who are handing over Britain’s sovereign power.

I think I’ve got a good chance, and the longer it goes until we have an election, the more people are waking up. In the last week or so, we’ve crossed the tipping point.

The fact that we have defibrillators in schools, that elite athletes are keeling over and that so many people know others who’ve passed before their time – people can see that this is not normal.

I think they have to look for independence. What we need is a new system.

The only protection is direct democracy, something along Swiss lines. Get rid of the House of Lords, halve the number of MPs, and ban external interests while they’re serving. Four times a year, we’d have to have an open debate and referendum, and people would have to vote on all major laws passing through.

The people will have to become the government again. Switzerland has had this system for a very long time. They’ve got, on average, twice our earnings per person, and they haven’t had a war for 150 years.

I had a meeting with Andrei Kelin, the Russian Ambassador in London. He said, “We know British people must be firing storm shadow missiles out of Ukraine because there is no way you could have trained the Ukrainians to fire them. I have no doubt that they will be classed as contractors, but probably the week before they went to Ukraine, they were still in the British army.” We are being shepherded into a war with Russia because of vested interests. People need to wake up.

There is no doubt Antarctica has plenty of resources, but so does Russia. It’s the biggest country in the world. Despite the propaganda, since 1991 NATO has moved 1000 miles closer to Russia. Russia hasn’t moved closer to us. Russia’s national sport is chess. Ours is football.

The lion of truth is beginning to roar, and people are going to hear it, and those who are not in the truth are getting scared. I think we are going to have a great reset, but not the kind they are thinking about.


Despite last minute attempts to stop it, Andrew Bridgen secured another debate on vaccine deaths and injuries. Christian Hacking was in the chamber

“Given the evidence, I call on the Government once again to immediately suspend the use of all mRNA treatments in both humans and animals,” stated MP Andrew Bridgen during the long-awaited, nearly three-hour parliamentary debate on Covid deaths on 18 April.

The applause following the statement was so loud that Madam Deputy Speaker had to rebuke, and then threaten the gleeful crowd with ‘clearance’. She repeated the threat three times that afternoon.

Groups of supporters who arrived late or couldn’t fit into the gallery formed an excited crowd around the bronze shins of the Gandhi statue in Parliament Square. Eventually, Bridgen arrived and gave a short speech, finishing with, “Truth is like a lion. It doesn’t need to be defended, it just needs to be set free”.

And for many in the crowd, this was personal. Paula from Devon stated, “My sister had a stroke following the vaccine. She worked in an old people’s home and refused it six times. Eventually, coerced and worn down, she took it. After the stroke, she was unpaid for three months and still struggles with sciatica and other pain.”

Her sister contacted the vaccine damage payment scheme only to receive a 60-page document stating her sister was “0% disabled” and therefore not eligible.

Ian, a businessman from Tyneside, attributed a spree of deaths and disabilities among close friends and family to the Covid jab.

“My wife’s uncle had the booster; now he’s got permanent shakes. My friend Craig begged his aunt not to get the vaccine. She had the jab and died a week later, aged 58. The coroner confirmed it was the vaccine.”

Orlando, a primary teacher from North London, stated that by June 2020, he’d realised there was no science behind the imposed measures. This was followed by a six-year-old entering his class with an ‘I just got vaccinated’ sticker. “I thought a crime had been committed”, he confessed.

Also addressing the crowd was Dan Astin-Gregory, a 40-year-old YouTuber from Southbourne, Dorset, whose Pandemic Podcast went viral in August 2020 when he began questioning the holes in the pandemic narrative.

He told me: “We were meant to be going on honeymoon in Asia at the time and so I was keeping a careful eye on developments. What I noticed was an ever-increasing void between the data and the policy. What I was really seeing was the controlled demolition of the West.”

“A gaping God-shaped hole in society and a clear lack of moral guidance”

YouTuber Dan Astin-Gregory
YouTuber Dan Astin-Gregory is organising a car rally to protest at the WHO’s Geneva HQ

When asked about God and faith, Astin-Gregory stated he takes inspiration from various faiths but acknowledged “a gaping God-shaped hole in society and a clear lack of moral guidance”.

Astin-Gregory has organised, with others, a road trip across Europe to the WHO headquarters in Switzerland, that was due to leave at the end of May.

“Irrespective of the vote, we want to make a declaration of our clear independence”.

Andrew Bridgen was set to speak at the event on 1 June outside the WHO, along with Swiss lawyer Phillip Krauss, about the threats that the New Pandemic Treaty (NPT) and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) pose to national sovereignty.

Other speakers included Piers Corbyn and Bridgen’s Parliamentary aide.

“Truth never damages a cause that is just,” said Ghandi once, his 2.5 meter statue looming over the afternoon’s events, and yet while the truth about the Covid vaccines is suppressed, many more people will be damaged.

Bridgen is right. The truth doesn’t need defending, it just needs to be set free.