This Cabinet Minister appears to have the moral high ground! Read on to find out his identity

Thanks to research by the Christian Institute and Christian Concern we’ve been able to compare Cabinet Ministers’ votes on key issues of concern to observant Christians and the morally minded of other faiths or none.

​ Click here to see a full table showing how all 30 members of the new Cabinet voted on seven important issues including same sex marriage, GM babies and religious liberty where it affects free speech.

Taking same sex marriage as the big issue which has troubled many Christians (650,000 people signed a petition against it in 2012), the six Cabinet Ministers who voted against it were They represent 20% of the Cabinet.

We also show if they voted against genetically modifying babies and if they voted for a free speech amendment to protect those who quote the Bible from giving offence to homosexuals.

Our full table has listed seven moral issues dating back to 2006. The only Cabinet Minister who has voted for or against each issue as approved by Christian apologists is the Attorney General and barrister Jeremy Wright QC, MP for Kenilworth. That surely is a glimmer of hope for justice in our darkened nation.

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