Spain: Catholic Church launches ‘years long’ marriage training course to cut divorce rates.

Spain’s Catholic hierarchy has designed a “two to three year” course for engaged couples to take before their wedding. Currently, Spanish couples only have 20 hours of spiritual guidance before their church wedding.


Tennessee, US: Senate passes bill so adoption agencies won’t be forced to place children with same-sex couples.

On a vote of 20-6 the Senate passed the bill that will ensure that licensed adoption agencies cannot be forced to make child placement decisions that “violate the agency’s written religious or moral convictions or policies.”


Canada: Appeals Court rules father can’t stop teen daughter taking male hormones.

The highest court in British Columbia ruled that a father could not prevent doctors giving his 15-year- old daughter testosterone injections to “affirm” her transgender male identity. The court also ruled that the father must “acknowledge and refer to [his daughter] as male.”


France: Bishops Council approves removing parents’ gender from baptism certificates.

To bring baptismal practices in line with new gender equality laws, the French bishops’ permanent council has agreed to remove references to parents’ gender on baptismal certificates.


New Jersey, US: Parents challenge ‘radical’ LGBT curriculum.

In echoes of UK protests, US parents are angry about a New Jersey law that requires LGBT material to be incorporated into lessons. According to the concerned parents, the new law will “teach lifestyles and life choices that stand 100 per cent against our family values.”


US: “Flawed” study claims that few women regret abortion.

“Researchers sought participants at more than 30 abortion facilities located in 21 US states and found 667 women to participate. However, less than 38 per cent of the women they asked actually agreed to take part in the study. It seems likely that the women who made themselves available for the study might have had either a higher level of decisional certainty or fewer moral qualms about obtaining an abortion, skewing the results.”

Source: Family Watch International