An environmental scientist highlights the flaws in the drive to quash carbon

By Dr John Allen-Piper

The apostle Paul warned that in the last days, the world would become “perilous” or “terrible” (2 Timothy 3:1).

In the Greek this is literally “aggressively insane”. Insanity is the absence of wisdom, and without divine guidance, society becomes unable to make wise decisions.

The global commitment to net zero is the most devastating example of this consuming insanity. War has been declared on carbon dioxide – the gas responsible for greening our planet, essential to the growth of all plant life and for producing the oxygen that we require to breathe, via photosynthesis.

War has been declared on the gas responsible for greening our planet and producing the oxygen that we require to breathe

CO2 makes up a mere 0.04 per cent of the atmosphere, yet it is now decided that it must be trapped and pumped away underground. Furthermore, CO2 makes up only about 4 per cent of the greenhouse gases supposedly contributing to global warming; most of the rest is water vapour, about which we can do nothing. Greenhouse gases carry warmth and prevent us from freezing to death as Earth rotates from day into night.

The sheer futility of mankind’s attempts to control greenhouse gases is illustrated by the eruption of the Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines, which over a year of activity in 1991 put more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the whole of humankind has ever done.

To make matters worse, the globalists have now expanded their case for “saving the planet” to nitrogen. This is not only the most abundant gas in the atmosphere, but forms an essential component of the fertiliser required to feed the world’s population.

The war on nitrogen requires the culling of the world’s farm animals. Already Holland, formerly the world’s second-largest food exporter, is seeing the suppression of 30,000 farms. The insect-based artificial meats designed to replace animal meat are not only unappetising and likely to contain dangerous pathogens, but require an energy input which negates CO2 reduction efforts.

Electric vehicles require extensive extraction of rare elements, often exploiting labour in slave-like conditions

Ironically, proposed solutions to net zero involve damaging the environment. Solar panels and wind farms are only of value when the sun is shining, or the wind is blowing, and electric vehicles (EVs) require extensive extraction of rare elements, often exploiting labour in conditions approaching slavery.

The many problems with EVs include limited range and spontaneous combustion of the lithium-ion batteries. But these are dwarfed by the need to find electric power to charge them; fully replacing our hydrocarbon-based world would require the reopening of the oil and coal fields now destined for closure.

Insect-based artificial meats are unappetising and likely to contain Dangerous pathogens

Happily, the scale of all this insanity is becoming more widely known as it increasingly impacts people’s lifestyles. Christians must make known the spiritual reason behind it.

John Allen-PiperJohn Allen-Piper was educated at the University of Bristol (BSc) and Imperial College London (PhD). He taught and researched for 40 years in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, latterly the School of Environmental Sciences, at the University of Liverpool. While continuing some research, he now mainly ministers to fellowships in the north west.

Dr Piper is author of ‘Creation Unlimited: The Remarkable Convergence of Science and the Bible’.