‘Now is the time’ meetings with evangelist Jonathan Conrathe, hosted by Coastlands Church, Worthing, July 11-12

Jonathan Conrathe visits Coastlands Church most years, but this year was extra special, with a deeper sense of God’s presence and seven people becoming Christians. Of these men and women, it was noticeably the men who were profoundly moved by Jonathan’s challenging presentation of the Gospel and there was a seriousness about their professions of first-time faith.

One man who brought a couple from Crawley reported, “The two we brought left changed and that is forever! Praise God.”

Saturday morning saw Jonathan give practical training on street evangelism, which was shared with two other local churches, followed by giving out invitations on the street. That afternoon there was a healing meeting, at which Jonathan gave out several ‘words of knowledge’ of conditions that God wanted to heal. Although healing of some conditions such as cancer could not be verified at once, at least one person saw immediate results. Hazel Godsmark from Hove had hurt her back and felt relief from pain after receiving prayer.

One of the weekend’s most striking testimonies came from Kris Grey, who was sitting disconsolate on a park bench, lonely and almost suicidal after a painful divorce, when he was approached by Chris McCanna, a church member, who invited him to the meeting. Once there, Kris experienced a powerful emotional healing as he felt the bitterness and despair removed from his heart.


Melanie Symonds