Traumatic end of life

My mother died last November in Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, of undiagnosed gallbladder cancer that had spread to her vital organs.

Since she was 91 and had cardiovascular issues, they decided not to operate. Instead, from 14 to 22 November she was put on ‘End of Life Care’ and left in a side bay, where she was turned every four or five hours, sedated on opioids, not given water, fluids or food and left to die. It was very traumatising to see my mother like this and I have subsequently experienced PTSD.

Until I read an article on an Alzheimer’s Facebook page I hadn’t heard about the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP). Many stories were similar to mine; family members had been put on the LCP without consultation, sedated with opioids and denied food and fluids.

I did complain to the hospital and the NHS Ombudsman, but they said the hospital had done everything to comply with ‘NICE’ (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

However, praise God for your article titled ‘When end of life care goes wrong’ (April/May issue) which showed that the discredited LCP is being used in all but name. I wasn’t wrong and my mother had a terrible end of life.

Surely more can be done to stop this happening in our hospitals? You simply can’t fight the NHS single-handedly.

Rev Elaine Glover

Upton, Dorset

Petition the Health Secretary

Voice for Justice UK (VfJUK) is petitioning Health Secretary Steve Barclay to step in to prevent euthanasia through ‘managed death’, where patients are starved and dehydrated. Sign the petition at

Read the report given to your MP

“Discover for yourselves what really goes on in some of our hospitals, hospices, and care homes” says Rev Lynda Rose, who, together with a senior consultant and barrister, launched the report, ‘When End of Life Care Goes Wrong’, in Parliament earlier this year.
A copy was given to every MP and it can be ordered from for £13.99 & £5 postage. Digital download £8.99

The article,‘When end of life care goes wrong’ (Apr/May 2023), can be read at

5G dangers

Thank you for your article warning about the dangers of 5G (June/July 2023).

It was especially relevant to me as I am among a growing number of people suffering from Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), due to ever increasing amounts of man-made microwave radiation used for wireless communications – WiFi, mobile phones and masts especially.

Recently I moved to another town to escape the effects and would like people to know about this problem.

It is better to hardwire computers than to use WiFi. For more information, contact ES-UK, a charity that helps people with the problem.

L Cooper

Guildford, Surrey

Burning Bibles?

How our world needs Jesus’ saving power and guidance, along with widespread reading of his Word, the Bible, and the preaching of the Gospel.

Thank you for all the challenging information in the Aug/Sept issue of HEART. It’s amazing (but shouldn’t be surprising) to see the exposure of banking practices in our country with the ‘debanking’ of prominent people and the subsequent consequences.

How long will it be before the public burning of Bibles, Christian books and the banning of Christian newspapers and magazines begins?! It’s interesting that the new Sky Glass does not have the facility for Revelation TV programmes – there are often difficulties with my TV reception of Christian channels. I wonder why? But – our God reigns and he has all in his mighty hands. Let us praise him.

Beryl A Barua

Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire

Justice received for George Bell

On 30 July 2023, Rev Canon Simon Holland, interim Dean at Chichester Cathedral, made an important announcement at the start of the morning Eucharist about the late Bishop George Bell.

In 2015, Bishop Bell (who had died in 1958) was accused by a woman of sexually abusing a young girl in the 1950s. A Church-led investigation into the allegations agreed with her and in 2016 Bell’s name was removed from 4 Canon Lane, a Chichester Cathedral property originally dedicated to his concern for vocation, education, and reconciliation.

But a 2017 independent review by Lord Carlile concluded that the Church had “rushed to judgement” in its condemnation of Bishop Bell, and was highly critical of its decision to name him in a case of serious abuse without concrete evidence.

Thus Rev Holland was able to announce to us that after much prayerful consideration, the property would again be named George Bell House.

This was greeted with warm applause from the large congregation. The bishop should never have been condemned on one witness testimony alone.

Bishop Bell’s name has been reinstated and his honour remains firmly intact, especially in view of his WW2 involvement with rescuing Jewish children via the Kindertransport.

Sheila J Ford

Lancing, West Sussex

Who will weep?

I read the Aug/Sept HEART paper with pleasure and especially valued Graham Bridger’s article on AI. The only thing which troubled me was your apparently vehement support for Israel, when the news tells us of apparently racist acts against the Palestinians.

Also, many churches seem to have taken Ukraine’s side in the conflict with Russia, whereas there is a case that the Russians are more sinned against than sinning. Many of us do not believe the BBC or all mainstream media accounts of the war and its origins. We can only weep that there are perhaps already 400,000 Ukrainian dead soldiers and vast numbers injured, disabled or traumatised.

Who will care for the fatherless, widows, mothers and sisters of Ukraine in their millions? Who will weep for the endless war policy of Britain and America? “He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword” (Revelation 13:10).

Paul Ursell

Woolwich, London

Hand signals

The picture at the bottom of page 9 of Graham Bridger’s article on AI (Aug/Sept 2023) shows Prof John Lennox and former Australian PM John Anderson, both professing Christians, making the Freemason hand sign, with the tips of the fingers touching, which Donald Trump is also often pictured doing. Could anyone explain why they’re doing this?

Eldo Barkhuizen

Llandudno, Conwy

Aled’s watch

I was sorry to hear that muggers stole Aled Jones’ £17,000 Rolex, but I’m amazed that he had even bought such a watch. Christians are supposed to lead modest, humble lives. It seems a strange extravagance when inexpensive watches tell the time equally well. Perhaps the BBC pay him too much for presenting ‘Songs of Praise’?

A Wills

Ruislip, Middlesex

Isis martyrs

There is no realistic answer to Lord Alton’s heartfelt concerns over those martyred by Isis (Apr/May 2023), other than to suggest prayer for the soon return of heaven and earth’s Prince of Peace himself (Isaiah 9:6), the Messiah Yeshua ha Maschiah (Jesus).

I found these lines from a hymn helpful to use for prayer:

“The earth is one wide field of all thy chosen seed; the crop prepared its fruit to yield; the labourers few indeed. We therefore come before thee now, with fasting and with prayer, beseeching of thy love, that thou would send more labourers there.

“Endue the bishops of thy flock with wisdom and with grace; to all thy priests thy truth reveal and make thy judgements clear; make thou thy deacons full of zeal, humble and sincere. And give their flocks a lowly mind, to hear and to obey; that each and all may mercy find; at thine appearing day.”

Valerie A Vince

Havant, Hampshire


Congratulations on the Aug/Sept HEART newspaper which included these headlines:

Is the £££ net closing? “Grain of rice” under skin will be your wallet; Central banks preparing for Universal Basic Income; Digital currency “should be seen as a control system”; AI:losing the ability to think; Social engineering by the back door; It’s time to uncover the truth about anti-Christian persecution in the UK; Mexico Government makes it a crime to state biological facts; The [British] Government wants to cover up vaccine harms for 20 years.

God bless you all for these important items!

Neil and Linda Thomas

Swansea, Wales

Doomed denominations

In the early hours of 15 August while watching a Christian news channel, I strongly felt the Lord say that he is going to do away with man-made denominations.

These have grieved the Holy Spirit, who longs for us to be one just as our triune God is One. John 17:11 was impressed upon me; God sees his people as one universal Church.

Apostasy is rife within the Methodist Church, Church of England, Church of Scotland, and Episcopalian Church; God is strongly sifting the wheat from the tares, because Yeshua’s return is approaching. Finally, the Lord spoke through John 10:10, which says that God within Messiah came to give us life to the full, but do note that the thief, Satan, comes to destroy. If Satan can divide, he can then destroy, for our Lord Yeshua told us a Kingdom divided can not stand (Matthew 12:25-26). But Yeshua promised to protect the Church from ever being destroyed (Matthew 16:18-19).

Feel free to contact me: 07859959544 or

Iain Lewis Sharp

Glasgow, Lanarkshire