Andrew Bridgen was misquoted

In an article concerning Andrew Bridgen MP in the June/July issue of HEART, he was described as “expelled from the Conservative Party for likening the damage from the Covid injections to the Holocaust.”

He did not do this. He quoted a cardiologist as saying that the Covid injections were “The biggest crime against
humanity since the Holocaust.”

The quote was not even his own. His words were twisted by the Conservative Party so that they could get rid of him because they didn’t like what he said about the Covid injections.

Kathleen Watson

Littlehampton, West Sussex

Thank you HEART

I just wanted to thank you again for addressing difficult subjects from a Christian point of view.

Particularly in the current issue, thank you for your articles on the first ‘three-parent’ baby born in the UK, King Charles (and Naomi Wolf ’s take on the coronation), the WHO’s grab for power, excess deaths, Andrew Bridgen and the dangers of 5G. Thank you also for publishing different views on Russia/Ukraine.

These are all issues Christians should be aware of.

You’re doing a great job.

Alison Tomlinson

Eastbourne, East Sussex

Putin is inexcusable

I read two letters in HEART for April/May which seemed to be pro Putin propaganda. Not long after I came across an article from the Sunday Telegraph dated 19 March, 2000, and headed ‘Return of the KGB’ by Anne Applebaum.

The article details Putin unveiling a plaque to Yuri Andropov (a director of the KGB for many years) in 1999 at the Lubyanka, once the HQ of the KGB. Putin recreated the department responsible for repressing political dissidents and also praised Andropov’s honesty and uprightness!

It would be good for those who express sympathy for Putin to look up how he treated ‘dissidents’ in the Crimea, and Ukrainian nationals including Christians. Please don’t make excuses for his evil invasion. The UK has experienced the Russian treatment of so called ‘dissidents’ so it is quite understandable that former Soviet Union countries would want to join NATO, which is a defensive alliance.

Jackie Jones

St Boswell’s, Scotland

Before ‘Let there be light’

There was a time when calling yourself a Christian meant believing the Bible. Unfashionable as it may be, what if the Bible does mean exactly what it says? Let’s take Genesis 1:1-3.

God creates something that is dark, formless and empty. This sounds very much like ‘empty’ space, which physicists now say has 95% of the energy/mass of the whole universe: dark energy. While science says, “God knows why most of the energy is in the darkness”, the Bible believer replies, “Quite so, God said it.”

God then said, “Let there be light.” Science agrees that a Big Bang singularity of pure light appeared. The light spreads out into the darkness, and only then does space have forms.

God created darkness before light. To be a Bible believer, I still have to stand my ground against mainstream science. They believe light came first; God says dark energy was created first.

Paul Minter

Bexhill, East Sussex

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